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Thursday, April 14, 2016

 PAMANA is a must visit restaurant in Tagaytay. There is something about the ambiance and the vibe that makes you go for that nationalistic pride and have home grown dishes in your belly every time you go south of the metro. A trip there would not be complete without FILIPINO FOOD. HENCE, PAMANA!

PAMANA in TAGAYTAY is the epitome of Filipino Dishes. Here, diners are treated to solid Filipino Cuisine with a hint craftsmanship. From the same owners of the famous BARRIO FIESTA, PAMANA seems to be making a name by itself. From the word, PAMANA meaning heritage or inherit, certain dishes here actually came from different members and friends of the family. Even so, Chef Happy Ongpauco-Tiu made all of them pop and jive together and stand on their own. 

Near the Rotonda or the famous Tagaytay round about, Pamana has a huge seating capacity and has an impeccable view of TAAL LAKE. The scene from the third floor itself is just breathtaking. The place may get full at times so reservation is a must.
To whet the appetite, we were served certain Filipino delicacies partnered withe cheese and bread to dip. From sampaloc to piyaya and even buto ng pakwan. These are basically childhood classics to pass the time.

An instant hit, the OKOY BITES or small shrimps cooked in a small patty. Dipped in vinegar sauce, each bite would translate to a crunchy sound. Well made.
For foodies that love sour dishes, the NILASING NA MANGGA or drunk mangoes are just incredible. These fermented mangoes were submerged in beer for weeks. Interesting enough, the beer added flavor to the mangoes and made it work. If you like, go for the ones with chili peppers. The flavor profile is just amazing.
Seafood lovers would enjoy the PUSIT IN SQUID INK. Basically calamares but has a squid ink batter. One thing to note too is that the dip is laced with crab fat. So glorious yet deadly. I found myself getting a piece, one after another.
Another "healthy" dish would be the TINUKTOK. The minced coconut meat wrapped in taro leaves works well when cooked with the coconut milk.
The mains though are pretty much deliberately deadly and would definitely make your taste buds jump for joy. I have never knew that Filipino Food could evolve to such that it would be a  joy to eat these dishes over and over again.
The perfect example would be the SEAFOOD PAELLA cooked in ALIGUE or crab fat. The flavors of the sea works well with the addition of the crab fat.

If rice or paella can't be part of your diet, the noodles served in PAMANA is a must! That time around the SIZZLING PANCIT IVATAN was served. The pork adobo flavor was absorbed by the noodles that you would gladly order rice to eat it with. I know it is carbs on carbs but it must be done.
 Looking ever so simple, the LECHON MANOK na TINUPIG SA GATA must not be underestimated. Believe it or not, it didn't need sauce as the chicken meat was moist and flavorful. Being tinupig or cooked with coconut milk made the chicken flavor pop out.
This is seriously delicious.
Foodies and daredevils seeing this dish would freakout. One bite in and they will be hooked by the SIZZLING LITID. Litid is basically the sinews or the soft fat like cartilages that connects the muscles and bones. It looks like fat, feels like fat and tastes like fat but believe me it isn't.
As you can see, this glorious dish is made more delicious by adding bone marrow. You would be ordering additional rice at this point and maybe a anti-cholesterol pill.
What is a visit to a Filipino restaurant without Kare-Kare or Crispy Pata? Here in PAMANA, they made the two into one dish just so you get the best part of both worlds. The peanut flavor from the kare-kare and the crispy and crunchy skin from the crispy pata. This is the KARE-KARE CRISPY PATA with CRISPY TADYANG. The kare-kare recipe came from Barrio Fiesta while the Crispy Pata is from the Dad of Happy. She, on the other hand, made the tadyang into crispy flakes. Amazing!
I was pleasantly surprised to see the dessert was just as simple yet mind blowing just like the dishes that were served. Partnered with traditional local hot cocoa, different kakanin or sticky rice desserts were offered. Basically, a chocolate fondue party.

Without a doubt, PAMANA is a must visit Filipino Restaurant whenever one goes to Tagaytay. Traditional Filipino dishes were brought out to capture the hearts and senses of the diners. Even if these were old recipes that were handed down, I could honestly say that the ingenuity of the chef behind the dishes showed the true potential of Filipino Cuisine.

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Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway
Near The Boutique Bed and Breakfast

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the dishes in Pamana.
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  1. My former boss had been planning to treat us in this restaurant but it's about three hours drive away from Manila. Pamana has a branch also in Tomas Morato area. I wonder if they have the same menu. Everything looks so authentic! :D

  2. Yes roch, pamana has a branch in tomas morato as well as boracay. Its pretty good! I think its the view that sets it apart