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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

 TSOKOLATERIA in TAGAYTAY is a romantic place for chocoholics to enjoy each others company. Located in The Boutique Bed and Breakfast in Tagaytay , Tsokolateria has an amazing view of TAAL LAKE and is close to nature.
Because of the cold weather in Tagaytay, the Happy concept group has made chocolate more accessible and available to the vacationers and foodies alike. By opening Tsokolateria, they gave a new meaning to chocolate.
Drinks are the most popular things to order at TSOKOLATERIA, be it sangrias or different kinds of hot chocolate made from their house blend of tablea.
From their version of BATIROL or local chocolate to something spiked up and with bits of chili, you will get what you wished for.

Flavored chocolate drinks are not unusual but at TSOKOLATERIA, they made it into art. From chocolate mallows to something different.
Shot glasses filled with different flavored chocolate drink makes it a fun experience.
 More than just drinks, TSOKOLATERIA has a lot of chocolate infused dishes in its extensive menu. Granted that it might sound weird, the dishes actually worked well with one another. The chocolate flavor might be just hints but it is there to complete the theme.

Small bites and appetizers were great partners for the drinks offered. From those with chocolate dips to cheese with adobo flakes, you can't go wrong with any of them.

For indecisive diners, Tsokolateria offers PANDESAL BRUCHETTA SAMPLER PLATTER. From Fish to cheese and even adobo flakes, you get to try a whole bunch of bites to go with your drinks.

Surprisingly, TSOKOLATERIA also offers solid main dishes. From pasta to rice dishes, you have a variety of awesomeness.
 The CARBONARA has white chocolate shavings while the SPICY TUYO has bitter cacao to even out the flavor.
The BLACK RISOTTO dish wasn't bland as other restaurants would have it. This had layers of flavor. The dash of Davao's choco powder and the squid ink went well together. The crunchy squid was just the cherry on top.
 For a deadly and mascular dish, the BACON LECHON KAWALI was well cooked. Crunchy and delicious. Made with cacao nibs and partnered with mountain rice, you won't go wrong with this.
 What is a dessert place without well, dessert?
 Waffles are traditionally desserts but in this instance, they also made them into savory dishes.

Not only are they normal waffles, but the batter were made with hints of chocolate.
If you're a fruit lover, you are in luck. The strawberries are fresh and abundant. Meanwhile, banana also goes well with dark chocolate.
If you must only have a couple of dishes, I would suggest that you go for these two.
 The BIBINGKA PANCAK SOUFFLE and the traditional looking CHAMPORADO. The souffle must be eaten as soon it is served. The cold temperature in Tagaytay could take out the fun in it. On the other hand, the CHAMPORADO was just perfect. The fish chips and even chicharon partnered well with the chocolatey sweet taste of the Champorado. This is a definitely a must get.
 And to end the meal, more chocolate drinks. Just because.

With the opening of TSOKOLATERIA in TAGAYTAY, foodies are given more dessert options and variety that could spice up their out of town visit. Granted that chocolate dishes might be overly sweet, it is done perfectly and executed well enough to enjoy the meal at TSOKOLATERIA.


Located in:
Aguinaldo Hi-Way, Silang Crossing East,
(046)413-1885 / (046)413-1798
It is right in front of the new Ayala Mall in Tagaytay.

***Also Has branches in Quezon City, Boracay and Baguio.
Disclaimer:Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the dishes.
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Written by Lovely

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  1. I've never tried batirol and I really want to. How come I never had a chance to do that hahaha...

    I love the shot glasses concept, it would be interesting to taste different flavors of their chocolate drinks. I am curious with the one with chili.

    Was it a blogger event? You had so much food, inggit ako!

  2. Seriously marge? Batirol ks basically local cocoa. It's like tamed hot choco drink.. You should give it a try! The one with chili is my fave because it gave the chocolate deink a little spice. Granted that its hot +hot, the drink is ultimately delicious and a must try,

    Yeah, uhm we were invited to try out the different happy group concepts in tagaytay. From the boutique bed and breakfast to the original hawaiian bbq to tsokolateria and ... Ultimately ... Pamana... Hihihihihih cheers marge

  3. Who can ever say no to chocolate, right? These creatively presented courses are must-tries. It will be hard to decide which to get. Pasta with white chocolate sounds most interesting.

  4. Are the tskolateria (chocolate pitcher) and molonillo (wooden whisk) available for sale? I want to have my own tsokolateria and molonillo.

    1. Hey there Monang,

      From what I know, they don't sell those per se. IF you want them, I suggest you visit the arts/craft section of the nearest market. I believe they have it there but I am unsure with regards to tagaytay.