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Saturday, April 16, 2016

CHELSEA GRAND CAFE in SERENDRA holds the distinction of having one of the longest Sunday Brunch Buffet in the BGC area. From 10am to 3pm, they serve good morning cuisine that can't be beaten. I have never seen nor heard of any restaurant that serves tasty food 5 hours long.

A long spread of breads, cereals, pancakes, and muffins is the first thing that greets you as you enter.

Once seated, you could pick from a list of pasta dishes and have the kitchen cook it up for you.

 The Mac & Cheese was pretty good. Maybe because of the bacon bits. Bacon is love.
You could also ask the wait staff to make an omelet from all the ingredients listed. Better yet, it would be prudent to check out everything and pick them on the spot from their omelette station.

A large number of salad, dips and cold dishes alongside different types of cheese would be perfect for the numerous bread types that they offer.

Another highlight of the buffet spread was the seafood section.

Fresh clams and oysters from Aklan are served on ice beds. They go with a lot of sauces. I suggest you go for a little lemon squeeze and some dill sauce. These oysters though are seriously fresh and delicious.

Another favorite of the spread would be the smoked salmon. Flavorful bites that I can't seem to stop myself from getting more and more.

What is a buffet without a carving and meat section? Here, they offer crispy bacon, sausages and roast beef.

The bacon isn't soggy. Each bite would result to a crunch. The sausages in Chelsea are big, juicy and has a smoke flavor. Yummy.
Accompanied by other side dishes, the roast beef is tender, filled with juices and is perfect with rice or even bread. No need for sauce, as the flavor oozes out with each cut. If you must, roasted veggies are on the side for healthy eaters but why bother when all this meat has the perfect flavor already.

Chelsea can't just leave you on that note. It promises to deliver even until dessert.

Cookies and different pastries are there for the taking. The cupcakes would need special mention because they look wonderfully good.
When going to this buffet, I would suggest that you make space. Don't eat anything before going. SERIOUSLY! No Crackers no snacks!!!!
Aim for that Oyster and Salmon because they are amazing. Don't worry though, they refill the spread pretty fast.
See that egg dish on the left side of the plate? That's truffled eggs. They are so mouthwatering good that you got to stay on point and try to limit yourself because of all the calories. Sadly, I wasn't able to because I couldn't help it. The flavor of the truffle went deliciously well with eggs and the crackers. A side of cheese didn't hurt as well.
CHELSEA GRAND CAFE is genius in offering a SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET in the SERENDRA AREA. With all the joggers in mind, this long buffet engagement would definitely refill all the energy lost. From the eggs to the roast beef, you won't go wrong. Even the oysters and the salmon are pretty good that you will definitely go back for seconds or thirds. This is one Sunday Brunch buffet that I won't need to wake up early to.

Every Sunday at 10am-3pm
Php 988++,
G/F Serendra, Taguig City,
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was invited to try out this buffet, Wrote this based on my experience
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  1. 10am to 3pm? That's great! At least you don't have to be in a hurry to catch a brunch there. It looks like they have an extensive food selection. If I go there I'd definitely try the omelette station. By the way, how much is their buffet?

  2. That is exactly why I liked Chelsea's buffet, it's because you don't need to wake up early. The buffet costs around 988++Php. :) :) :) ... for me though the truffled egg dish would be my go to. :)