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Thursday, April 7, 2016

 The ORIGINAL HAWAIIAN BBQ in Tagaytay has been known as the go to place for RIBS and other delicious dishes. Opened as the in house restaurant of THE BOUTIQUE BED AND BREAKFAST (click here to see my experience), this restaurant opens up its menu to foodies all around. It makes use of the cool weather in Tagaytay to keep its patrons close to nature.

To start everything off, the ORIENTAL CHICKEN SALAD (320Php) is a good bet. It gives you a refreshing and healthy take before you go for the delicious heavy dishes.  
A bit funny, the ONION TOWER (200Php) makes use of huge onions to make those crispy rings. Served with three types of sauces like the Garlic Mayo, BBQ and even gravy.
 Hitting the ground running, The BUTTERED CORN with BONE MARROW were put on the table. A bit risky but the corn was creamy and buttery. Definitely deadly but very good.
To help scoop the buttery juices, QUESADILLAS were offered.
 Even until now, I still crave for the CRISPY SPAM MUSUBI (275Php). Deep fried spam with rice, this bite sized critters are so good. The sweet and tangy sauce gave it a different taste. I love this.

 If you are into potatoes, the ULTIMATE BAKED POTATO (150Php) is a must get. Creamy potatoes alongside crunchy bacon. You won't go wrong with this.

 It may come as a surprise but the ORIGINAL HAWAIIAN BBQ offers delicious seafood dishes. One of them is this MUSSEL SCAMPI (290Php). Cooked in a bamboo, the mussels are a little spicy but they were delicious and flavorful.

 If one can't decide, the FISHERMAN'S CATCH (530Php) might be the dish to get. It has different types of seafood perfect for the choosy foodie.

 One seafood dish that would make me drive all the way to Tagaytay would be the SEAFOOD TACOS. Deep fried mussels, oysters and squid are placed in a wrap and accompanied by sauces to give you flavor profiles.

 These are but the appetizers. When they say main course, be careful because they are good for 3-4 persons. I kid you not. The perfect example would be the BBQ PLATTER (850Php). Shrimps, chicken, pork, fish, mussels, and squid.
 As the name of the restaurant suggest, they have RIBS to die for!
 The Original Version is a bit tangy and sweet. Perfect for someone starting to discover ribs. If you are into something sweeter, the WAIKIKI'S ROOT BEER SESAME RIBS might be fore you. The flavor of the root beer is present with each bite.
 Spicy rib lovers would go for the SAM CHOY'S HOT and SPICY RIBS. A little of hickory taste is there but be warned this is not for the faint of heart. The meat is well marinated and the spice level might be a little too hot for you.
 No one can eat of these dishes without rice. At The ORIGINAL HAWAIIAN BBQ, they made it a point to give into that vibe. The best rice ever would have to be the SPAM RICE. This baby right here could be your morning lunch or even dinner.
If in case you're not in the mood for anything fancy, the PINEAPPLE CHICKEN RICE might be the dish for you. It is a meal in itself. The chicken tasted sweet because of the pineapple marinate and it does go well with the rice.
 DESSERT is one of the strong suits of this restaurant.
From an assortment of ice cream inspired dishes to a camp fire smores, you could not go wrong with any pick.

The ORIGINAL HAWAIIAN BBQ is not just any restaurant. It serves delicious dishes priced perfectly for the foodie and is without fail. I would have to go back for the fish tacos and even maybe that platter and the spam rice. Definitely worth a visit.

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Located in:
Aguinaldo Hi-Way, Silang Crossing East,
(046)413-1885 / (046)413-1798
It is right in front of the new Ayala Mall in Tagaytay.

***Also Has branches in Quezon City, Boracay and Baguio.
Disclaimer:Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the dishes.
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