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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CHILI's in TOMAS MORATO is the favorite restaurant of my dad. We used to visit this restaurant almost weekly and then some. It was his favorite so much so that when he went to the States, he chose this over other burger places.
As such, I was pretty delighted to get an invite to visit CHILIS and to check out their newest burgers and Ribs. For a weekday night, I was surprised to see the place packed.

It is also an awesome place to start your drinking spree on. They have affordable drinks mixed with tequila and even bottomless ones. This PATRON CRANBERRY mix has a nice kick to it.
For "light eaters", their SKILLET BBQ SLIDERS (435Php) are pretty good. 

I like the mix of the chicken, beef and pork carnitas. You get to pick from the pile and add bbq sauce and honey-chipotle sauce as well. The pickled red onions gives it a crunch.

CHILIS has 3 new burgers in their lineup.

The SOUTHERN SMOKEHOUSE and the SWEET and SMOKY BURGER looks identical but have different flavor profile. Both have bacon and crispy onion rings in the frey. The former has cheddar cheese and is more smokey because of the bbq sauce. The latter uses pepper jack cheese and a mango-infused bbq sauce. Something different and has a sweeter touch.
My top pick though would be the GUACAMOLE BURGER (465Php).
Accompanied by melted monterey jack cheese, the freshly made guacamole is perfect with the red and green bell peppers. It actually works well.
RIBS are the backbone of CHILIS. Aside from the burgers, these babies are wonderfully done. Moist tender and fall off the bones.
They actually have a couple of new flavors. The CHERRY COLA BABY BACK RIBS and the CHIPOTLE BLUEBERRY BABY BACK RIBS.

The CHERRY COLA is sweet and has a fizzle taste. Almost similar to the drink it self. The CHIPOTLE BLUEBERRY has a deep berry flavor. It isn't really overwhelming and it complements the meat in itself. I truly enjoy both of them.
CHILIS has a number of dessert dishes to try out.

The SKILLET CHOCOLATE COOKIE is topped with a huge ice cream scoop. The addition of hot fudge just made it more dangerous. Another reinvention is the FRIED CHEESECAKE. Cheesecake were deep fried to create a golden brown exterior crust. Yummy as well.
If you must have one, get the molten chocolate cake. The cake is moist and seriously choclatey. 
CHILIS has been in the Metro for a long time. The addition of these dishes would give the diners a lot more variety to choose from. If you are visiting, I suggest that you get the Guacamole Burger. That's my top pick.



Disclaimer: was invited to this event. wrote this based on my experience.
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