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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The first time I visited Tokyo, I went straight for the TSUKIJI MARKET as I knew that it was the place to go to for the freshest Japanese fare. Everything was delicious and simple. The way I like it. Little did I know that we have something similar right here in MANILA. Mixing traditional with modern techniques, NOBU MANILA is the place to visit for an amazing Japanese experience. More so, their INDULGENT SUNDAY BRUNCH.

Located in the City of Dreams, The NOBU HOTEL has a very distinct and modern Japanese feel. Their NOBU RESTAURANT, found in Tower 3 Level 1, exudes a nice relaxing luxurious vibe. As you enter, there is a bar area on the right side that could serve as a lounge while you wait for your party.

 Priced at Php 2,880++ the Sunday Brunch is already inclusive of sodas, juices, mocktails, coffee, and tea. Diners are also able to upgrade their experience to include free flow Moet & Chandon, a selection of Champagne Cocktails, Bloody Marys, Mojitos, Wines and Beer at Php 4580++. The fun starts at 11:30am to 3pm.  

 I believe that it is proper to pace one's self. As with any buffet, you need to master the different stations that offers the delicious dishes. Better walk and check out all the offerings before lining up and getting too much of the same thing.
The most well loved and visited station for me would have to be the one that offers fresh seafood, rolls, and other traditional Japanese cold dishes.

Right from the get go, they offer serve sushi but on an artisan level. The quality and the taste is well appreciated that it seems the fishes were just cut open a few minutes ago. Apparently, this is the case in NOBU MANILA. They love satisfying their guests that they import and get fresh live huge fishes and seafood to serve. One bite in and you will know the difference.
 Aside from fresh sushi, handmade rolls ranging from soft shell crabs to whatever your stomach may desire, everything is available upon request. They make those rolls as you wait and you could customize them.
They also have uni served on top of nori and rice, making it an instant favorite. The creamy texture and the buttery taste is just perfect that one serving is not enough.
Since NOBU is not just any other Japanese restaurant, they wanted to create different flavor profiles with fresh ingredients. If you must only taste a couple of dishes, go for the SALMON KARASHI SU MISO. Don't worry, they have it on deck and replenishes it constantly. This one looks entirely normal. Just like any salmon. The difference lies in its taste. It delivers a sweet note that works well with the japanese mustard and miso mixed in it. Believe me this is a must try dish.
 Speaking of fresh, they have an oyster bar that has a plethora of sauces to choose from. Everything was good but I like mine bare. Another must try is the Cha Soba. Perfectly done, the noodles are not soggy but instead they have a bite. I enjoyed each slurp.
Another favorite station is the one with yakitori or skewered meat section.
From pork to chicken to beef to my favorite CHICKEN SKIN, you would get your fill here. The meats aren't marinated except for the usual salt and pepper but rather, they are cooked in their own flavor and you are given choices for their sauces.

Cooked dishes are also abundant that staff go around and serve these to your table. My favorite that day would be their version of tempura. These rock shrimp tempura is a little spicy but creamy. There is a crunchy texture to it so it is pretty good.
The Sunday Brunch also offers a line of cooked hot dishes. I would have to say that the OKONOMI YAKI or Japanese pizza was very authentic that it reminded me of the one I had in Japan. I enjoyed the flavor and the texture. If there is one dish that you need to get, it would be the sea bass. It was flaky and soft and cooked to a whole different level. I was floored with how delicious and simple it was that being full didn't stop me from getting more.
Seemingly out of place, NOBU surprisingly served LECHON. This roasted pig is a norm when it comes to Filipino food celebrations. For NOBU MANILA they wanted to give the brunch buffet a little Filipino flair as such, they serve lechon. Believe it or not, there was a separate plate for the crunchy skin and the meat. Let me tell you this, they have a lot for everybody so it would be best to take it slow and don't rush.

The dessert spread would have to be one of my favorites in the whole wide world. Not because it has everything. Rather, the MATCHA FOUNTAIN did it. As a green tea lover, I drooled at the sight of this amazing dessert. I wanted to get a cup and fill it with this matcha liquid. It was so good that adding strawberries did me in. The dessert station was more than just this art instillation. They offered cakes, pastries and even home made ice cream. The black sesame and the green tea were crowd favorites. They were partnered with lava cakes that were freshly baked for anyone that wanted them. Genius.
City of Dreams Manila’s Mina Gervacio, Director for Public Relations; Michael de Jesus, Head Chef, Nobu; Charisse Chuidian, Vice President for Public Relations; Akihisa Kawai, Head Sushi Chef, Nobu; Kenny Hernandez, Restaurant Manager, Nobu; and Francine Dayrit, Asst. Manager, Public Relations
Now that I think about it, all of the dishes in NOBU MANILA are delicious. They may not offer a lot but the quality and the taste of each one makes it a success. The fact that this buffet is priced as such, I believe that it is a steal already. Granted that it may look a little bit pricey at first glance, the food, the service and the ambiance makes up for it. Definitely a must revisit.

Tower 3 Level 1, NOBU HOTEL,
City of Dreams Manila,
(632) 800 8080.
Nobu is open for breakfast and dinner daily.

Sunday Brunch is at 11:30am to 3pm. Php 2,880++ / Php 4,580++

Disclaimer: was invited to this event. wrote down my opinions based on my experience.
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