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Monday, May 16, 2016

Just last week, WATAMI GRILL and SUSHI BAR opened in BGC UPTOWN MALL.
Located on the 4th floor just beside TEXAS GRILLHOUSE, this is a restaurant that is perfect for Japanese food cravings without the heavy price tag.
As I arrived, drummers were doing their thing to welcome the guests.

Also, a bunch of cosplayers were also present to welcome the diners. Believe it or not, once upon a time I was into cosplaying and I was an OTAKU way back in high school some x years back.
If you don't know, one of them is actually an old friend and part of our little group THE KTG.

 As for the restaurant, the inside is pretty much like a traditional Japanese joint. Perfect for an after office dinner or a quick lunch with a small bar area.
As the guests settled down, the menu was handed over and a quick browse would show that WATAMI is like an IZAKAYA. Basically, this is a grill place for skewers but it also have favorite sushis and rice bowls.
To enjoy the meal, I would suggest that one order sushi or sushimis to start then partner it with a bunch of skewers. If craving for rice, they also have a lot of choice bowls for your cravings.

The dishes would be perfect to pair with a Japanese Beer like ASAHI or ask for some Japanese themed cocktails as well.
If you are indecisive, it would be okay to order a mix sushi plate.

 It could be all sliced sashimis or you could match them with their sushi rolls as well.

If you're in a group though, having individual orders of tuna sashimi and fatty salmon sashimi would be better. I was impressed with the freshness and the thick cut of the different sashimis served.

Please do try out their UNI. They were pretty sweet and fresh.

In case you aren't into uncooked dishes, the rolls are for you. This Spicy deep fried salmon roll packed a little kick but it was delicious.

Healthy lovers would enjoy having a salad bowl or two.

Of course, I skipped that and went straight ahead to the skewers.
You could actually have a mix and match of orders or get a platter.
Most of the orders are as low as 50Php for a couple of sticks to around 100Php for more premium meats. Whatever you do, please do get an order of the CHICKEN SKIN. Juicy and deadly but downright delicious, these babies are perfect to pair with alcohol.

Most of the skewers were marinated in a sweet teriyaki like bbq sauce. Since this is a grill place, you also have a lot of variety when it comes to getting other cuts of meat.

Seafood lovers would love the SALMON HEAD. FOR ME THOUGH, I prefer the mackerel. The salty flavor is perfect to partner with rice.
Yes, they also have EBI TEMPURA. These shrimps are the quintessential must order in any Japanese restaurant.

If you're in for a huge meal, the RICE BOWLS would definitely be in your sights.
The SALMON topped bowl has a generous amount of salmon meat and is very flavorful in its own. You could also just go for their version of the CHAHAN but believe me when I say that yes, this is a meal in itself.
For meat lovers, there is a couple of rice bowls to try.
The GYUDON is perfectly presented with a runny egg on top. The soy based seasoning goes pretty well and is somewhat on the sweet side. On the other hand, I enjoyed the BEEF PEPPER RICE. This one would be my pick. Little garlic shavings on top didn't overpower the flavor. Having corn mixed in the rice helped gave the dish a bite. The meat in itself is thinly cut perfect to wrap your tongue with. Delicious.
Granted that WATAMI has only opened a couple of days ago, I believe that this branch has a lot of potential. The prices are pretty much reasonable and they do offer quality Japanese cuisine.
I tremendously enjoyed my visit to WATAMI in UPTOWN MALL BGC that I see myself going back within the week. Cheers.


4th Floor
9th Avenue, BGC, TAGUIG CITY

Disclaimer: was invited to visit the restaurant. wrote this based on my experience.
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