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Monday, June 13, 2016

 During a little get together, my friends and I got the chance of experiencing local delicacies that delivers great Filipino cuisine and an even greater story.

The KAKANIN or sticky rice has been present in almost all the Filipino gathering as a great way to end the meal. Because of this, AGING'S has sought to improve the experience by offering local dessert with a modern twist.
 Different dessert dishes were transformed into a more modern serving. Kapeng Barako Jelly has this strong kick. The pastillas were turned into a lollipop.
While the brownies had Malagos Chocolate.
 BUT for me, their best seller are the one to go for. Sticky rice were made could be partnered with a latik fountain. They also have other variants that has fillings like ube or purple yam and even some sort of custard.
  These and more are what AGING'S are known for. Local delicacies with a modern twist.
 Another product that is worth supporting is BALANGAY'S BEST.
 After TYPHOON HAIYAN, some parts of the Philippines were destroyed. BALANGAY'S BEST is something that grow out from the ashes to empower the locals in these areas. Local fisher folks worked together to create this export quality dried dishes.
 Aside from sun dried fishes, they also sought to sell these PUSIT or dried squid. Basically, BALANGAY'S BEST works with the local indigenous people to increase their knowledge and stream line the product.
 They also teach them to properly conserve the environment and protect what is theirs while making sure that everyone is treated fairly and their livelihood is elevated to a higher level.
Taking care of the environment and supporting our local traditions and products is a great way of giving back. Different as we may be, it is our culture and our duty to help one another bring the best out of each other. Thank you very much AGING'S and BALANGAY'S BEST.

02 671 0172/ 09298410424


Disclaimer: Thank you very much Aging's and Balangay's Best for having us.
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