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Monday, June 13, 2016

For an impressive dining experience, SALVATORE CUOMO definitely delivers. Originally from Japan, this particular restaurant recently opened in Manila.
Located in UPTOWN PARADE BGC, this restaurant gives out a very industrial feel. Everything was modern and the huge space is a welcome sight.

Granted that this is an ITALIAN restaurant, the BAR is pretty impressive as well.

A lot of great drinks came out of that bar and I must say that they know how to make a drink.


Aside from alcoholic beverages, they have an amazing list of coffee drinks that would make STARBUCKS blush. I went for the flat white and was amazed at the flavor and aroma it brought out.

One important aspect of ITALIAN cuisine is their love of food. TO start things off, SALVATORE CUOMO is very particular when it comes to the appetizers.

Some of these dishes were served during the VIP PARTY but I must say, they should definitely put these in the menu.
FOR SALVATORE, ingredients must be fresh and of the highest quality. Because of this, they import most of them from Japan.

To whet the appetite, a meat platter was served. Thus, starts the gastronomic adventure.

Different assorted Parma Ham, Salami and Mortadella Ham were cut up and placed on a huge board.
This is the TAGLIERE di AFFETTATI. Quite a mouthful to pronounce but delicious nonetheless. This would go well with any type of bread and drinks that you may want to go for.

One of the best sellers that SALVATORE is known for would be the CAPRESE con MOZZARELLA di BUFFALA. This is basically the caprese salad. Buffalo Mozzarella with cherry tomatoes flown in from Japan. The tomatoes are uberly fresh and sweet. I can't help but get doubles for this dish as each bite makes me want more. Simple and delicious.
No ITALIAN restaurant would be complete without any pasta selection.
The TAGLIOLINI GAMBERI E SPINACI was a creamy and zesty dish. This shrimp and spinach lemon cream is not overpowering so it has balance. It is smooth and tastefully done.
Another creamy best seller would be their CARBONARA. The Spaghetti alla Spuma di Carbonara is something different. Once served, you would see the frothy texture of the sauce. This airy carbonara is perfect with the bacon strips. The kids would love this.
PIZZA is an important part of any ITALIAN dinner. This time around, SALVATORE CUOMO brought in a wood fired oven all the way from ITALY just to make it as authentic and delicious as possible.
THE DOC or denominazione Origine di Controllata is the award winning pizza that SALVATORE created a few years back. This is the Margherita pizza of Salvatore. Making use of the freshest and finest ingredients, this is a fine pizza. The dough is not too thick nor is it too think. Just right.
Personally, I enjoyed the QUATTRO FORMAGI more.
This four cheese pizza has everything that you would want and more. Adding honey gave it a different and sweet dimension. Making the pizza experience wonderful.

I just couldn't resist but they are both equally delicious and must try.

STEAK is taken pretty seriously in SALVATORE CUOMO. They grill it to your preferred level. The seasoning and the flavor is spot on.

This is the TAGLIATA DI MANZO. The BEEF RIBEYE steak is partnered with basil sauce and parmesan cheese. The addition of a lemon touch made it refreshing and elevated the flavor more.
For dessert, you won't go wrong with any from their selections.
My favorite would be the tiramisu with pistachio gelato. Made with the finest coffee beans, the dessert works well with the pistachio. Another pick would be the TORTA CAPRESE or chocolate cake. Very moist and has a dark chocolate taste, this one is for the chocolate lover.
Given that SALVATORE CUOMO just opened a couple of weeks ago, I must say that I am impressed with the way they handle things. The food is wonderful and the quality is really up there. Having to import fresh ingredients means that they care for the taste. The service was excellent and the vibe pretty much relaxed. The place is the perfect date restaurant one could go to. The dishes might be a little bit expensive but, you get what you pay for. 

Metro Manila.

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out the restaurant.
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