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Thursday, June 2, 2016

I can say that I am a bit finicky when it comes to Chinese food. Granted that there are a lot of Chinese Restaurants around the metro, it seems that to enjoy this cuisine it is important to pick the right places. One of them is EDSA SHANGRI-LA's SUMMER PALACE.
As of last Monday, May 30, SUMMER PALACE has effectively closed. This is so that they could renovate the restaurant for a few months. Diners need not worry as they would be able to serve the different dishes but in a different venue inside EDSA SHANGRI-LA.
In Shangri-la, they take drinks seriously. Order a freshly squeezed fruit shake to start the meal with a sweet note. For appetizers, POMELO FRUITS in WASABI SAUCE (400Php) and FRIED CRISPY SEAFOOD ROLL (220Php) are delightful. I enjoyed the crunchy texture of the seafood roll. Needless to say, the ingredients used were top notch. None of that bad oily feeling afterwards.
If you must get only one, go for the FRIED CRISPY BEEF (530Php). This beef jerky like dish is delicious and sweet. I first tried this out last December in their WAGYU BUFFET in HEAT.
Even before the introduction of different Chinese Restaurants in the Metro like Tim Ho Wan, SUMMER PALACE in SHANGRI-LA has been serving BAKED BARBECUE BUN (190Php)
Not too sweet and just right, these buns are delicious. It wasn't overly flaky like other buns.
I was pleasantly surprise with different dimsum served. The HAKAO (220Php) and the PORK SIOMAI (220Php) were huge. They were a little bit bigger than a golf ball.
The HAKAO was fresh and plump. Only shrimps were used and none of the extenders in other restaurants. As for the Pork Siomai, the meat was well mixed and properly seasoned. It was definitely a mouthful.
HOT AND SOUR SOUP (390Php) was served to calm down our appetites and get us ready for the main dishes.
For our healthy friends, the Homemade Tofu with mushrooms (720Php) is delightful. The tofu were cooked perfectly and the texture was spot on. I enjoyed the mushrooms too.
 Something different was the ROASTED DUCK in UNICORN STYLE (Php 1,900). I do not understand why it was called unicorn style but maybe it was because of the way it was presented. I enjoyed the addition of the mango to give it a subtle sweet and refreshing taste. The skin though was crunchy and perfect still. Delicious.
For a Filipino when someone says Chinese Food, the first thing that would come into mind would be SWEET and SOUR PORK (540Php). If you ask any Chinese Family, sweet and sour pork isn't usually on their table for dinner. It seems this is a favorite made entirely for the Filipino diner. I enjoyed this dish because the pork were crunchy and stood on its own. The zing was delightful and perfect with a cup of rice.
Speaking of rice, Chinese Cuisine would usually serve rice at the end of the meal. Basically to make you full in case you have not eaten enough. 
 For this meal, Yan Chow Fried Rice (220Php) and Birthday Noodles (540Php) were served.

The noodles were delicious and not overly oily and the same goes for the rice. I have a personal preference of not over doing it so I believe that Chinese dishes should deliver a healthier feeling after the meal. To end the lunch engagement, BUCHI (250Php) and CHILLED MANGO PUDDING (180Php) were served. The buchi was huge as a tennis ball. One bite in and you would figure out that it was airy. I believe it was because of the way they cooked it that allowed the dessert ball to expand. I also liked the Chilled Mango Pudding as it wasn't overboard. It has the right tone and flavors.
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EDSA SHANGRI-LA'S SUMMER PALACE is taking a time out for a few months. I can't wait for their restaurant to have a better and newer disposition. Needless to say that the dishes here are a bit pricey but the quality, flavor and service makes up for it. Can't wait for the new one to open up.


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Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the dishes.
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