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Monday, June 20, 2016

As if having weekly buffet themes with lobsters and wagyu weren't enough, EDSA SHANGRI-LA'S HEAT has made an entire week complete with their SUPER BRUNCH.
 Everything that you would want and more would be present in their SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET SPREAD.
Located at the lobby of the family friendly EDSA SHANGRI-LA HOTEL, HEAT has transformed itself from an ordinary buffet to an amazing sight. Wanting to raise the bar more, they devised an interesting SUNDAY BRUNCH BUFFET. They now have the HEAT SUPER BRUNCH.

As you enter HEAT, signages are placed up and show you where to go and how to plan your attack. You need not worry as a map was created to help you navigate through this wonderful buffet.
At the get go, you have a choice of drinks such as champagnes, wine, beer, and even your very own create your own mimosa bar. I figured it was okay to go for the original version first prior to trying out the different flavors.

Knowing the different offerings of this buffet could help one to properly pace and to take full advantage of the dishes.
To start, I would suggest visiting the CHARCUTERIE. Basically all the cuts of meat and cheeses you can think off. I personally enjoy the Prosciutto. Although these wagyu cuts are pretty good as well.

If you are up for it, the tartare is also delicious.
Afterwards, you may want to visit the Japanese Station as it just a hop away.

Aside from the very imaginative and huge Japanese rolls, they also serve takoyaki and even some freshly sliced tuna or salmon sashimi.

After having some starters, a lot of main dishes await the guests.
Roasted pig is always present when it comes to celebrations. At Sunday Brunch, LECHON is mandatory. Crunchy skin and moist meat, this is a delicious Filipino dish. Aside from this, other Chinese and Filipino viands are right beside it. From Dimsum, make your own pasta, and even a grilling station, you can't go wrong with anything you get here.
The WAGYU station though is on the other end of the hall and is worth the walk. Here, different cuts of meat are prepared for the discerning guests. You may ask them to sear and cook the cut to your preference. I personally would go for a medium or medium rare just because I like the tender bite.
In front of it are the lobsters. You could either go for them as they are or ask them to be cooked.
GARLIC and butter seems to be the popular choice when you ask the staff to cook them for you.

One might be getting full at this point but you have to make room for more. Some dishes are served table side. Since EDSA SHANGRI-LA doesn't want you to always keep on standing, they made sure that they bring the food to you.
If you get the chance, go for these wagyu rolls. Wagyu placed on top of rice with a mayo mixture that is umami and has a hint of sweetness. This is pretty good. With lobsters in mind, they made eclairs. Yes, LOBSTER ECLAIRS. Savory.

Since foie gras is a huge part of the buffet, they also made them into a mousse like ball covered with nuts. Creamy and buttery.

By this time, your stomach might have been well prepared so I guess it is okay to get some oysters.
EDSA SHANGRI-LA believe that variety is important. Choice is something they give to their guests. One example of this would be their oysters. Unlike in other restaurants, here they give you a lot of options.

You could have oysters plain or with just butter or maybe with a little salsa concoction and maybe some with garlic.
My favorite station that day though would be the FOIE GRAS.

One might say that it is a little bit inhumane to eat FOIE GRAS but I believe in its taste and the flavors it gives out. Each bite is smooth and tasty. Partnered with some side elements, I still believe that it is delicious on its own. I think I must have eaten 6 of these babies.
 Partnered with the pass around Foie Gras Macarons, you're definitely heading to a food coma state.

 To entertain everyone, a magician and a balloon artist roam the halls and give in to requests.

I asked for something manly and he created a balloon gun. Others have asked for something different and he was able to produce an ELMO. Sweet!
The dessert station was also impressive as it has a lot of sweet pastries and snacks. Something you don't see often though would be the LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM. The chef creates it on the spot. The result is a creamier and tastier version.
Aside from having a kiddie buffet, children would also have access to the pool which I guess makes this buffet perfect for the whole family.

Priced at Php 2,815 nett per person, I believe that the amount is justified with the level of service and the quality and quantity of dishes that HEAT produces. If you have a request, they are more than willing to go above and beyond. Beverage Packages are add ons to this buffet. You could enjoy unlimited lemonade, iced tea and local quenchers at Php 250. Unlimited Mimosas, wine beer and those mentioned are pegged at Php 850. Adding Champagne to this mix would require Php 1,200 more.

(02) 633 8888
1 Garden Way
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila, Philippine

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Disclaimer: was invited to this event. Wrote this based on my experience.
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