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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I was surprised with the dishes served by a new restaurant in Bonifacio Global City. Everything was done well. I think I might have underestimated PALATE.
LOCATED in the newest retail area in BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY, PALATE RESTAURANT is spearheaded by Executive Chef Katrina Torres. This chef is a genius in the kitchen. Having been able to train outside the country, her culinary techniques were honed perfectly.
To prepare the appetite, one could start with the MUSHROOM SOUP (235Php). 3 different types of mushrooms were used to create this dish. Topped with fried enoki and with real bits, you won't go wrong ordering this. Umami is present making it savory and flavorful.

The BEET SALAD is a wonderful surprise. Granted that I tend to shy away from anything vegetables, this had me eat and finish the entire plate.
The beet was cooked in such a way that the earthy flavor was removed entirely. It was replaced by a sweet note right in the center. The soft-boiled egg produced the liquid yolk that blended well with the goat cheese and lemon vinaigrette. This is delicious. Plain, fresh and simple.

The WATERMELON with feta, balsamic and honey caviar is refreshing.

Who would have thought to make watermelon as a base ingredient for a salad? At first look the cubes looked like ice. Rather, they are chilled watermelon. Sweet and fresh. The feta alongside the honey and balsamic created an interesting sweet and sour flavor making the flavor profile light and refreshing.

The PROSCUITTO FLATBREAD had the right idea. Having the meat with mascarpone, arugula and parmesan would make it into the perfect combination. However, I would have liked it more if the base of the flatbread isn't that chewy. Other than that, it is perfectly fine.
Masterfully done, the SALMON was pan-seared using the correct techniques. The meat is evenly cooked all throughout. The skin has a little crunch while the salmon had its flavors come out naturally. Accompanied by market vegetables and pea puree, this is instagram and taste buds worthy
Using French cooking skills, the BEEF BOURGUIGNON was served. Red wine was braised with bacon, onions and mushroom creating a thick pasta sauce. This dish might not be for everyone but it sure is perfect for wine drinkers.
The CHICKEN ROULADE was presented as if it was on a blank art canvass. The chef made the dish presentation elegant and mouth watering that it would first make your eyes drool.
The chicken was moist and tender. The chorizo cream cheese inside was interesting. Salty yet wonderfully smooth. The romesco sauce surrounds the dish making it balance.

Dessert is also another part of PALATE that would make anyone come back for more. The FROZEN CREME BRULEE has a caramel nest, vanilla cremeux and assorted fruits. This one had two types of bananas. One fried and another one glazed. The brulee in itself is not too sweet. Since there is a caramel nest, this would give the dish the right amount of sweetness based on your preference.
The CHURROS was simple but the sauces are not. One is an Almond de leche. Sweet and light. The other is spiced chocolate. On the dark side, it gives a little heat.
A palate cleanser of strawberry and basil was served to give us time to clear things up with our taste buds.
PALATE RESTAURANT might seem intimidating. From the outside, you might see a restaurant that might cost a lot to eat at. For me, it is not. The dishes were masterfully created. The execution is spot on. Prices are competitive with other restaurants in the area. I won't think twice going back here. Cheers.

2nd Floor
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City,
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out the dishes from Palate.
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