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Thursday, July 14, 2016

One thing always leads to another. Hence, APPLEBEE'S recently opened another branch in Quezon City. Located in the Citywalk area of Eastwood, APPLEBEE'S is a welcome addition to the restaurant vibe in the metro.
Unassuming and somewhat hidden in plain sight, the newest restaurant in Eastwood is nestled on a second floor of what will be IHOP. Don't worry as they are currently installing elevators to help the guests enter the restaurant and not use the stairs.

A well stocked bar is also located in the alfresco area of APPLEBEE'S.
Here, they have a plethora of cocktails to choose from. Perfect to spend a lazy afternoon or a night of unwinding.

To start the meal, one could go for the SRIRACHA SHRIMPS. Crunchy and coated with a spicy sauce, this is pretty good. I liked the seasoning and the fact that it was not overwhelming.
Salads are also masterfully done in APPLEBEE'S. You could choose to make your own but having an Sweet Asian flavored dressing would work. Grilled shrimps would make a perfect add on as well.

A crowd favorite, the WONTON TACO is screaming with texture and flavor. Wonton wrappers were deep fried to create a shell. A little on the sweet side, this could pass off as an Asian Mexican flavor fusion.

Surprisingly, the MEATBALLS were soft, delicious and flavorful. Compared to other restaurants, APPLEBEE'S version has real meat flavor. Having some tomato sauce also helped it out.
The 4 Cheese Mac and Cheese would be perfect for kids and kids at heart. The cheesy flavor works well with the Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders. I could see myself going back just because of this dish and the tacos!
Uniquely APPLEBEE'S, the QUESADILLA BURGER. The juicy burger went well with cheese and the quesadilla wrap. Tender and delightfully good. Yummy.
The BBQ PORK RIBS is somewhat different from others that I have tasted. Usually, it would be fall off the bones and could have been a little overcooked. Their version has tender meat but it still sticks to the bones, making it easier to eat with your hands.
I also like the fact that APPLEBEE'S offer meals less than 600 calories. One of them is this 3 cheese with chicken and a side salad. A little lighter compared to the 4 cheese, I was pleased with how filling this meal was even if it was less than 600 calories.
APPLEBEE'S has a lot of playful desserts. From an ice creamed black forest mug to a butter pecan blondie, you could get what your taste buds would crave for.
APPLEBEE'S is now open in EASTWOOD CITY WALK in Quezon City. Affordable and quality dishes done right. Cheers.


Eastwood City Walk
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer:was invited. wrote this based on my experience
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