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Monday, July 4, 2016

EMPANADA. Ever since I was a kid, I would always have some snack from my mom's bag. Hence, the name Food in The Bag. One of them being Empanadas. It's basically a whole meal in itself.
No wonder, PASTRY AMOIRE created some and wanted to share it to everyone. From the creators of amazing desserts, 6 different kinds of empanadas greeted me as I returned back home. BEEF QUESO PMODORO, CHICKEN ALA CREMA, PORK BALSAMICO ADOBO, SPICY SPANISH CHORIZO, SMOKED SARDINES PATE and SPICY TINAPA in TOMATO SAUCE.
I would have to say that I enjoyed the Spicy Tinapa. It had a little kick in it and was also a little smoky. In general, the empanadas were flaky and had the right kind of crust. It was actually filing and quite heavy for me. After a couple, I couldn't take it anymore. I would suggest that you eat them fresh and right off the box. If not, place them in the ref and have them in the toaster for a few minutes.
BUT, PASTRY AMOIRE is known more for their buns. I would suggest that you get one with the chocolate chips on top. Moist, and super chocolatey. Perfect to nuke them in the microwave or toaster then add a scoop of ice cream. Deadly. Don't get me started with the one covered with bacon.
These empanadas would range from 65 to 80Php a piece. Of course if you order more, they give a little discount. On July 22-24, Pastry Amoire would be in BGC for the Gourmand Market. 11am-11pm at Bonifacio High Street. Cheers.

2/F Ivory Building El Grande Ave,
BF Homes, Paranaque, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. These goodies were compliments of Pastry Amoire.
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