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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It was inevitable. Picking a Japanese Restaurant for lunch or dinner is no longer based on just the price point and dishes offered but also the authenticity, ambiance and if they have delicious alcohol to go with the food. At IZAKAYA SENSU and CHOTTO MATTE in BGC, they deliver on almost, if not everything.
Located just in front of BGC'S FORT STRIP, IZAKAYA SENSU serves authentic Japanese food. Trained in the traditional way, the chefs are skilled in producing different Japanese dishes.
To start things off, guests might want something light.

The staff will definitely suggest their signature POTATO SALAD. Egg lovers would also enjoy the HANJUKU TAMAGO. A level further would be the AONORI DASHIMAKI.
The potato salad is creamy and is topped off with a flaky, crispy smoked milk fish sheet. The eggs are beautifully cooked to produce a liquid center. The seaweed flavor would be prominent in their version of an omelette.

Getting a bit more serious, the sushi chefs know how to handle their patrons. They produce a lot of OMAKASE dishes that elevates the flavors of each seafood cut. Six different types of fresh seafood are hand rolled and properly served using masterful strokes. Here, the guests are able to sample amazing unique flavors.

A signature masterpiece, the SENSU ROLL is perfect for diners that would go for something different. This is basically a mix of two different rolls to make one huge dish. One has tempura asparagus, spicy tuna, green chili slice and unagi sauce. While the other has crabmeat mayonnaise, yuzu skin, cucumber with mangoes and flying fish roe on top. Simply divine.

One aspect that Izakaya Sensu perfected would be their grilling techniques.

They are able to produce SENSU KAWARI KUSI and a YAKITORI OMAKASE. Chicken breasts were grilled and each has a different flavor to present. The Yakitori platter used different ingredients such as quail eggs, corn, bacon and chicken skin to deliver the perfect beer match.
Fish lovers would enjoy the SAWARA SAIKOYU YAKI or mackarel. The fish was drenched in miso  to make the flavors come alive.
Another seafood dish would be the HIRAME SUGATA-AGE. Fish cutlets were masterfully cooked and deep fried to create a boat like fish figure. This goes well with the sauce provided.
Lunch goers would be pleasantly surprised as IZAKAYA SENSU now offers bento meals to cater to  discerning taste buds. Being able to have a variety of dishes for lunch would make any guest jump for joy. Aside from your chosen main dish, an assortment of side dishes are served. This includes rice, miso soup and dessert.
Make room for dessert. You will definitely want to try out their selection.
Aside from their MATCHA CHIFFON CAKE and COFFEE JELLY TIRAMISU, the best sellers would be the MATCHA BELGIAN WHITE CHOCOLATE and the MISO CHOCOLATE CAKE. Personally, I was blown away with the flavors and texture that the MISO CHOCOLATE CAKE gave out. It was not too sweet but had the right push to deliver an amazing experience.

To compliment all the dishes, head on over to CHOTTO MATTE. Meaning "To wait a minute", CHOTTO MATTE is the Japanese Bar that connects to IZAKAYA SENSU.
Just like the group's other restaurants, CHOTTO MATTE works well together with IZAKAYA SENSU. Here, you get to experience a Japanese pub that offers authentic highballs. Other than that, get their flavored sake. It is to die for.

They have it all here at IZAKAYA SENSU and CHOTTO MATTE. Delicious Japanese dishes and straightforward alcohol. That is what the Rain Tree Group does. Making two concepts gel together to produce a wonderful and delightful gastronomic experience.


Izakakaya Sensu and CHOTTO MATTE in BGC

Ground Floor, NET PARK,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Metro Manila
Located infront of BGC Fort Strip.

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to this restaurant.
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