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Thursday, August 11, 2016

PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB. Simple bliss. A perfect way to experience relaxation and just slumber. This is how MERANTI HOTEL in QUEZON CITY does it for you.

Located on a foodie heaven of QUEZON CITY, MERANTI HOTEL is the newest venture of the MAX GROUP. This is their first fray into the world of HOTELS. As you enter, you are greeted by huge light installations in their modern lobby.
When you check in, welcome drinks are served. In our case, a glass of Sago't Gulaman. Something refreshing to start the staycation. As you enter your room, you can't help but see how spacious and clean the vibe is. Definitely for relaxing.

A desk is provided for your needs as well as a cordless phone and a small vault for your personal belongings.
The entertainment system is top notch. Their smart television is connected to the internet as it also acts as the router. Here, you are able to get your wifi password and even watch Youtube or listen to Spotify.
Bathroom essentials are named in such a way that it would brighten up your day. The sink is outside of the washroom perfect for a quick refresh. The toilet is equipped with a bidet and the shower area is spacious.

As for the hotel amenities, there is a small pool on the top floor.

A couple of meeting places for business transactions and also a small business center are there for your needs.

A simple turn down service is also provided and it comes with a sweet token just before sleep.

Speaking off, the bed is wonderful. Having a 400 thread count, the linens are just amazing. The comfort level it provided is simply astonishing.

The pillows are both soft and hard. Perfect for the light sleeper. The bed has just the right amount of softness that would push you to stay in and just relax.

Just in case you wanted to have a quick snack or a heavy meal, the in house restaurant of MERANTI HOTEL is MAPLE.
Just located on the ground floor, guests are assured of delicious treats as MAPLE is known for their all day breakfast delights.

One could start of with the HOUSE SALAD. A light vinaigrette is used to mix the vegetables together.
A SOUTHERN STYLED FRIED CHICKEN would be perfect for the kids. These are coated to perfection and fried to make it deliciously crunchy.
The main highlight of their menu though would be the PRIME RIB TAPA. Tender and almost steak like, this prime rib is marinated to perfection. Partnered with vinegar, you would definitely ask for more rice as each bite is tender and flavorful.
Breakfast is another story. I believe MERANTI HOTEL is trying to provide as much as they can by offering Filipino choices for breakfast.

To start off, you could make your own salad. Bread and cheese is provided as well as cereals. The main attraction though would be the BEEF TAPA and the GARLIC LONGANISA. The Tapa is slightly sweet but definitely delicious. The longanisa would partner well with the eggs and rice.
Fish lovers would also enjoy the danggit. One bite in and you would appreciate the crunchy texture and the salty flavor.
MERANTI HOTEL in QUEZON CITY is the perfect place to escape just for the weekend. The bed is wonderful and the food they serve is delicious. Definitely a must visit.

82 Scout Castor.,
Barangay Laging Handa,
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to experience Meranti Hotel. Wrote this based on my own opinion.
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