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Monday, September 5, 2016

 This can only mean one thing. MASTERCHEF. Becoming a MasterChef has been the goal of  everyday cooks and home chefs. This is what they aspire to be. The hit TV cooking program has partnered with RUSTAN'S SUPERMARKET to release MASTERCHEF KNIVES.
 As any chef would say, one of the most important tool in the kitchen would be KNIVES. From SEPTEMBER 1 to NOVEMBER 30, RUSTAN'S SUPERMARKET would be giving shoppers the ideal gift for the kitchen. High quality knives.
 For every 300Php spent in a single transaction, a shopper would be able to earn a sticker. Plus, a 100Php spend on sponsored products gets the guests a bonus sticker. There are actually 3 ways to get the knives. Collect all the stickers, combine stickers with cash or buy them at retail value. Also, patrons would have the opportunity to avail of limited edition MASTERCHEF APRONS as well.
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Disclaimer: This is a press release.
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