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Saturday, December 3, 2016

A week or so ago, CHEF TONY'S POPCORN invited a few online social media influencer for a little sit down interview. Little did we know that we would be in for something revealing.
The set was ready and everything was in place. Here's a little teaser.
  CHEF TONY'S popcorn actually brought out a couple of flavors to choose from. I won't divulge them yet but care to guess?
Obviously one is dark while another is white. Same goes with the little Q and A interaction we had.
I must admit though that I was heading for the door with the dark ones. I was in love. Too bad the staff was able to put some sense into me so I had to return the box. The dark colored popcorn are actually BLACK FOREST CHOCOLATE. It reminded me of those birthday cakes that I used to get as a kid. The BLUEBERRY WHITE CHOCOLATE, on the other hand, smells fruity. Once you open a tub, you'll be reminded of wonderful experiences.

I won't say anything yet but check out the Facebook page of CHEF TONY'S POPCORN to see the whole video.

Definitely had fun during the shoot. IF Chef TONY was there, I would have hugged him tight for giving us delicious and gourmet popcorn.


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