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Thursday, December 8, 2016

IT was a baker's dream turned reality. To Create, Deliver and Indulge. At LE PETIT SOUFFLE, there's more than just the ordinary Japanese French Inspired theme. There's heart.
LE PETIT SOUFFLE is Located on the 2nd floor Megafashion Mall.
Opening on December 9, Friday, LE PETIT SOUFFLE in SM MEGAMALL is a wonderland for everything delicious. Chef MIKO ASPIRAS created the first ever bespoke bakery known as the WORKSHOP. Here, different pastries, cakes, baked items and savory treats greet the guests.
Chef Miko is very hands on and passionate about his food.
To be different and to be the more. Something that we could be proud off. That is how The Workshop works. Inspired by the creative genius, choices upon choices are laid out. Each prepared fresh and curated for the Filipino palette.
The Workshop is a bakery within a restaurant. One could grab and go or stay and relax. Admittedly, one could go crazy with the choices in The Workshop, but one may suggest to mix and match with the different items available from LE PETIT SOUFFLE itself.

There seems to be a trend of having Matcha and Taro around. Here, they play with that idea. Besides, it's quite refreshing to see that at LE PETIT SOUFFLE, they also offer something else. The YAKULT GUAVA CRAFTED ICED TEA is both inspired and delicious.

While waiting for other dishes, you could go for the BAKED TOMATO DIP or the SPINACH-ARTICHOKE DIP. Both are addicting but do not over indulge.
For something that's a bit healthier, the Marinated Octopus Salad might be your bet. Partnered with a sweet vinaigrette, it's refreshing.

A surprise, the FOIE GRAS TARTINE was humongous. Do not fall for the trick that it's only good for one. It could be shared between two people.
The foie gras is buttery and smooth. Partnered with the caramelized peaches and the toast, it was a delightful course.
Not just for presentation, the cream on top of this BACON and EGG pasta works as an agent to make the dish lighter. More often than not, the texture of this dish would be heavy. With the creme, it was fluffy and easier to eat.

Rice eater won't be left out as LE PETIT offers the CHICKEN RATATOUILLE and the SQUID INK.

The ratatouille is light and is on the healthy side. The rice underneath the egg souffle is mixed with the right amount of acidity and sweetness from the tomatoes. On the other hand, the SQUID INK RIZ is filled with different seafood ingredients. The black ink rice is overflowing with flavor.
Aside from all the savory dishes, a lot of dessert choices are there for the taking.

One could go for a guyabano tart or a coconut and vanilla pastry. One thing is for sure, the VALRHONA GRAND CRUS makes any trip to Le PETIT SOUFFLE worthwhile.
The restaurant is very artsy and filled with the colors green and yellow. Something that would attract a very diverse and fun loving crowd.
With everything that was presented, one could notice the flavors and hard work in each dish. The food trend is present with the matcha and ube dishes. One aspect that I would love to see more off would be bolder flavors in the future. LE PETIT SOUFFLE in SM MEGAMALL would open to the public on FRIDAY, December 9.

LE PETIT SOUFFLE in Century City Mall

2nd Floor Sm Megafashion Hall
SM Megamall
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the dishes.
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Written by Lovely

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  1. It has the same charm as the first branch in Century city Mall. BTW,is it still in operation?

  2. Hey Joy! Yep both are open ! Le petit souffle in megamall has a workshop and it makes it a whole lot better