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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"What's there?" Two words that would always be on my mind. When it comes to going to places, this phrase will always be the number one question. No one wants to travel just for something readily available left and right. It's usually always something new or different. Better yet, something delicious. At CRAVE PARK'S TAMARI, I understood what they were trying to do.
Recently opened to the public, CRAVE PARK is located along Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue in Marikina City. One might say that the destination is an adventure in itself. Sometimes, that makes everything worth it.
Aside from different stalls on the first floor, TAMARI currently holds the distinction of being the only one open on the second floor as of the moment. They serve different South East Asian dishes that might seem foreign to the Filipino Palate. According to Chef Camz, they try to educate the diners on the different dishes that they offer. From there, people go back because the cuisine isn't your normal run of the mill. With a background in the hotel culinary field, the chef-owner knows no limit and bounds with her dishes. It's familiar yet different.
One could start off with the CHA GIO. Basically, it's Fried Vietnamese Yellow Spring Roll. Made with Taro, Sweet Potato, Pork, Herbs and spices, it is served with a sweet Nuok Cham Sauce. The roll is wrapped with a special egg wrapper that is uberly crispy and works well with the sauce. The experience is at par with other restaurants. No surprises there as some of the ingredients are imported and brought in from abroad.
One dish that I truly miss from my travels abroad would be the CHAR KWAY TEOW. Oily hofan noodles in a special sauce is mixed and gives you a taste of hawker food. Reminisce of Singaporean-Malaysian Cuisine, the ingredients are almost similar to those that I have tasted. Not bad for a quick and affordable snack.
Aside from Asian Noodles like laksa and spicy peanut soup, TAMARI also offers rice dishes. One popular dish that they serve is the BEEF RENDANG. Served with homemade sambal, egg, peanuts and crispy anchovies, the rendang is slow cooked beef goodness. The coconut flavor is present with the sauce and is perfect with the white rice. It's a complete meal.
If you see Chef Camz, say hello to her. Talk to her and ask her what she recommends. Tell her what you look for in a dish. I'm sure she will be able to make something up for you.

2nd Floor
Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue, Marikina City, Metro Manila 
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Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the dishes.
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