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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Located in the CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL in ORTIGAS, 7 Corners is a buffet restaurant in a hotel that started it all. A few years back, this was the place to be. Right now, they are improving and trying out new dishes to entice guests to return.

From now till the end of January, they have MAGURO NIGHTS. Here, they serve fresh whole fish tuna as sashimi. Cut on the spot, you are given smooth pieces of fish to start with.Other than that, patrons are assured of their hits and specialties. Things that keep people coming back for more.
One could start with some personalized salad alongside different slices of meat and cheese.

Pasta and noodle lovers would enjoy their cooking station where one could mix and match the different toppings and sauces.

Seafood lovers would enjoy the freshly cooked shrimps, clams, scallops and fresh crabs.

Meat enthusiasts would love their prime rib and how they grill it based on your preference. More than that, they also have some sausages, lamb and other meat to cook.

One shouldn't miss their lechon or roasted suckling pig. Small piglets are used to cook this crunchy and decadent dish. The meat was tender and the skin crunchy.

A personal favorite would be their Indian Section. It's basically HALAL certified so you don't need to worry. The plates, utensils and even the dishes are created based on strict guidelines.
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MAGURO NIGHTS at 7 CORNERS would run all throughout January 2017 during dinner time. It's a nice way to start the year. Something that a foodie would love and enjoy.

7 Corners of Crowne Plaza Manila

Ortigas Ave cor Adb Ave, Quezon City
Metro Manila
 +63 2 633 7222

P.S. call them up for a reservation and ask for promos and discount. Currently, they have a few percent off depending on your credit card.

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