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Monday, January 23, 2017

With the CHINESE NEW YEAR coming up, different restaurants are putting their A GAME on. At ORIENTAL PALACE in TOMAS MORATO, they brought out their big guns. They invited multiawarded Chinese Chef Tsoi Chiu Fai from Hongkong to create delicious dishes for us to try.
Located along Tomas Morato, ORIENTAL PALACE is a classic example of "don't judge a book by its cover". From the front, it seems to be a small restaurant. Upon entering, one would realize that it is humongous. Around 600-700 persons could be accommodated in the first floor while another 150 plus in the second floor. This is definitely a banquet hall that would be perfect for any gathering.
ASSORTED FRESH SCALLOP with THAI SAUCE. Gigantic scallops were breaded and deep fried to produce a delectable dish. The Thai Sauce was a bit sweet but gave justice to the scallop. To accompany it, Sauteed PRAWNS with candied walnut was served. Huge and plump shrimps were actually light. No rancid taste here. Furthermore, the candied walnuts gave a different texture profile for the dish. If this isn't your peg, you might want to try out the sauteed squid with Singapore Sauce. A sweet calamares like dish.
The DOUBLE BOILED SPARERIBS with CLAM SHELL in CLEAR SOUP was smooth and refreshing. The meat was tender and worked well with the soup. Honestly, I thought that I won't enjoy this dish. Thankfully, I did.
Enhancing the flavors, drops of HENNESSY were added to the soup. Depending on your preference, the coffeeish flavor of the liquor mixed well with the soup. One could appreciate the essence with a few (or more) drops. This would be the time to always remember to bring some cognac for your soup because it really does work.
For a sweet and fresh take on seafood, the ORIENTAL GAROUPA FISH FILLET was spot on. It was clean and the cooking style used elevated the flavors of the fish. 
 Crab lovers would enjoy the TYPHOON SHELTER CRABS.
 Huge claws and meaty parts were separated to create a dish like no other. To enjoy properly, one would be forced to use their hands to properly get all the enticing and delicate meat. No time for spoon and forks in this one.
 Aside from seafood dishes, there are also beef and chicken platters to try out. One of them is the T-BONE BEEF with Black Pepper Sauce. This one has a Taiwanese flavor. It could be compared with the Beef Noodle taste one gets. Served with mushrooms, there is a play on character.
Braised chicken with 3 cup sauce in a pot could also be one of the mains you might want to try. The dish is savory and would work well with rice.
What is a meal without vegetables? In this one, sauteed CELERY BLACK FUNUGS with Chinese Herbs were placed infront of us. Needless to say, I didn't touch it just because I was too full and it's too colorful for me.
On the other hand the fried rice was tremendously good. It had diced chicken with Abalone. Very savory and luscious, this one could feel you up in case you aren't yet.
Congratulations to Oriental Palace for creating such delicious dishes with their guest chef.

148 Tomas Morato Corner Scout Gandia
Tomas Morato, Quezon City
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Written by Lovely

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