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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

 Surprisingly, a bag filled with goodies was sent on over and without a clue. A little confusion ensued but everything went well. Different products under one big group, the FLY ACE CORPORATION were delivered and presented. With humble beginnings from 1972, this corporation grew into a that has food and beverage consumer goods in its mind. Importing and distributing different items that Filipinos would definitely need inside the kitchen.
 A few items were sent on over and were tried and tested. One of them would be the HAPPY DAY ORANGE JUICE. A brand that is #1 in Austria and #2 in Europe, each liter contains 2.5 kilos worth of sun-ripened orange. Hence, each glass contains a day's worth of Vitamin C requirements.
 Sourced from Germany's Biggest Dairy farm, JOLLY COW is a brand that specializes in UHT or ultra high temperature processing that kills off bad bacteria and spores. This Condensada is an affordable way to enjoy and create dessert items. Definitely perfect for any gatherings and potlucks.
 To be able to cook and have healthy meals, JOLLY CANOLA OIL is a life saver. Filled with OMEGA 3 and 6, this is a perfect condiment to your salad or as a conduit for dressings and cooking different dishes. Perfect for any type of cooking.

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