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Thursday, January 26, 2017

It seemed like an establishment that James Bond would approve of. As you enter, the lighting is perfect for the mood. Discreet and respectful. Chairs are comfy and the tables are well designed. Gloomy as it seems, it is the ultimate date place in Bonifacio Global City. Located in a not so busy part of BGC, this sleek restaurant invites private rendezvous as well as power meetings and business transactions.
Steak buffs would rejoice at the fact that FOUNDRY by SMITH BUTCHER 1912 opens its doors to the public. Currently on dinner operations only, this restaurant plans to have breakfast and lunch service in a few months. Perfectly fine as the menu is being fine tuned and the place is not as active during the day.
On a more important note, drinks are well thought of that they accompany the food well. MIXOLOGIST MILENA MATJOSAITYTE created some impressive cocktails to start the night. Something light and smooth, the ISLA is a nice kick off. Containing Grey Goose Vodka, and some fruit flavors, this makes you say things you never thought you could have said. Liquid courage topped of with a flower. Crowd favorites would be the TE-QUIL-A DRAGON. Concocted with 1800 Blanco Tequila, dragon fruit, tamarind, egg white and smoked sea salt, this is a choice drink for tequila fans. As it is not too hot nor heavy, each flavor component popped up. A must try.
CHEF RANUKA HETTIARACHCHI whipped up some interesting dishes that are often overlooked yet delicious when well executed. Beginning with some AMUSE BOUCHE, a mixture of roasted eggplant puree, spiced caramelized green apple, blue cheese and crispy bacon, one can't wait to see what's coming up next. Presented in a glass, the AHI TUNA POKE was a feast for the senses. It started off with some delectable colors.
Yellow Fin tuna was masterfully marinated with wasabi, calamansi, sesame, and caviar. An explosion in the mouth could be felt with every bite. It leaves you wanting more.
Who knew that a vegetarian dish could entice you to order more? The TURKISH FLAT BREAD had all the components of a pizza just that it didn't have meat in it. For any veracious carnivore, this wild mushroom, spinach and marinated feta would work. The dough was not too flat nor was it overly thick. Each mouthful had a bit of savory and cheesy taste with some tomato flavor.
For the main course, a HEAD TO TAIL BEEF PLATTER was served. At this time, OOHs and AAHs filled the room with each try. Cooked in a manner that could be considered as an art form, it might be a little overwhelming on where to start.
OX TONGUE, OX CHEEK, IRISH SIRLOIN, MATSUSAKA and OX TAIL maybe be an order to follow. The tongue is smooth and delicate. The cheek has a bit of meaty compactness in it. The Sirloin had flavors that you would look for in a traditional steak. Cooked Medium Rare, having that red to pinkish center has definitely retained its flavor. A definite must get the MATSUSAKA would be a wonderful treat to one's self. The marbling is just amazing. Granted that it is a fatty cut, this could be one of those times that you must not listen to the doctor. The high ratio of fat to meat retains that incredible juiciness. If you still could, the oxtail has a little sweetness in it that it sums everything up. Partnered with different steak sauces, it would be ideal to try them first without. It's an honest way to taste and gauge the quality of each part.
Side dishes are just as important when it comes to having a meat fest. For Filipinos, STEAK RICE must to be missed. Cooked with oil drippings and some bits of meat, it's a glorious escort.
But more than the rice, the MASHED POTATO is a creamy, effortless and delightful way to enjoy everything. The dish is generally smooth with the addition of small potato chunks. Milky and buttery, each bite is sinful yet warranted. When one visits the foundry, the mashed potato must always be ordered. One is not enough to feed the temptation it shows off. After a bite, your tummy says more but your weak brain is telling you to stop. Nonetheless, it's always the heart that gives in.
Everything was capped off with some TEA INFUSED LEMON SPONGE. At first glance, one might imagine it as dull. A try would result to two, three, and until you finished it. You then wander how come it is only now that you have tasted black tea in a sponge cake. It's like a drink but in dessert form.
Chef Ran and Milena executed each dish and drink with such grace. The drinks could stand alone or could be a companion for each dish. As an added plot twist, the bar area on the second floor is a must visit. Coined as BAR CANDY, red velvety couches surround the drinking area and let's you enjoy delicious and provocative drinks while listening to trendy and relaxing music. A relaxed place to enjoy and end the night with your special someone.


The Plaza, Arya Residences,
McKinley Parkway, 8th Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City,
Metro Manila

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Written by Lovely

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  1. How much does the HEAD TO TAIL BEEF PLATTER go for?

  2. Hello there, If im not mistaken, it's not yet on the menu when we visited. I suggest you call in to check :)