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Monday, February 13, 2017

There's a sense of excitement each time my foots step into IMPRESSIONS. Fine dining with the perfect service, it is here that privacy and comfort are well provided for.
With CHEF CYRILLE SOENEN at the helm, one can't really go wrong with any of the dishes you might pick. Having the distinction of being the only resident Maitres de Cuisiniers de France (Mater Chef of Franch) in the Philippines, Chef Cyrille knows his way around the kitchen. Needless to say, I was in for one heck of an Sunday Brunch just in time for Valentine's
Since opportunity and exclusivity are important to guests, IMPRESSIONS makes it a must to offer something delicious and different. Not yet out in the market, RAFFA SPARKLING is a delicious sparkling drink. With the option to choose between dry and semi-dry, patrons could definitely enjoy the feast that would come their way.
Since this is the Sunday Brunch just before Valentine's day, the restaurant made it more enticing with the addition of different french inspired dishes and eastern flavors. Since Impressions is known for their cuts of meat, I was pleasantly surprised that they offered some sushi, sashimis and even siomai but with French Cuisine Twists.
Aside from those mentioned, other appetizers were presented. From different types of bread, ham and cheese, one could also go for dips and a meat or vegetable tartare as well.
Smoked meats and seafood were a hit. Adding more flavor to any of the dishes.
A seafood feast was also presented with options to have each one fresh, baked, steamed, and roasted.
From scallops, oysters, mussels, local lobsters and huge shrimps, one can't get enough of the different dishes. Furthermore, salads and other small plates were present to entice the dinners to eat more.
Moving over the main events, IMPRESSIONS has made a mark as a FRENCH RESTAURANT with fine meat dishes. In this buffet spread, the live cooking station had tons of surprises for meat lovers.
To start things first, there was an incredible mushroom risotto that was to die for. Each grain left a silky smooth texture that is magnificently done. The mushroom flavors erupted with each spoonful.
But the attention must be given to the MAINS. One meat is stuffed with sisig to give it a Filipino flavor. Another is covered with herbs. The dishes here aren't cooked prior to any order. They are done once you ask for them. That is how serious IMPRESSIONS are to give the best dishes to their guests. No shortcuts and definitely no expense is spared.
More than anything else, it was the steak that is a must get. Asking for a medium rare, they executed it perfectly. This is one of the few restaurants in the metro that could deliver such quality. Usually, steaks at buffets would be either overcooked or under. Here, they were not having any of that.
It should be noted that a meal is not a meal without a proper start. For me it was a few appetizing finger foods that pushed me into the fray. After trying different Hors d'oeuvre, I went for the lobster bisque. One of the common mistakes for this would be the saltiness factor. Usually, restaurants would go over. At IMPRESSIONS, they were having none of that.
Here, the sushi are made to order. Aside from the usual, the most impressive one would be the unagi or eel, the steak, and the foie gras. The cuts of salmon and tuna was incredibly sweet as well.
Something different, they also had tempura. Red versions were a hit with the kids as the batter was mixed with beet. It was something different.
High ticket dishes such as the FOIE GRAS is always a must at IMPRESSIONS. There is a right way of doing things and here, they nailed it. Each bite is buttery and perfect with the balsamic glaze.
As I mentioned the seafood bar also gave fresh delicacies like these oysters from down south. The flavors all popped out. It was an experience.
Dessert was well curated as well. From crepes, to souffles and delicious not your ordinary cakes, you won't go wrong with any. The fruits were also in season. It was delicious to say the least when you have this huge strawberries from the states and dip each one into a liquid chocolate concoction.
IMPRESSIONS in RESORTS WORLD MANILA is a fine example of quality over quantity. Each dish is well curated and most if not all are made to order. The freshness and the work ethic placed into each plate goes to show why IMPRESSIONS is one of the best French Restaurant in Metro Manila.
"For Valentine's Day IMPRESSIONS would be offering a dinner set."

Beef and Wine Night at Impressions

3rd Floor, Maxims Hotel
Resorts World Manila
Pasay City, Metro Manila

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Written by Lovely

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