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Thursday, February 9, 2017

This coming Valentine's Day, ladies and gents are going all out to surprise one another and give them the best that they could. At FUKUDAYA in BGC, they expect nothing less and would be rolling out a couple of diner set for an unforgettable gastronomic date.
Since there were different dishes from the two sets, the preview allowed for all the dishes to be tried and reviewed. This option would only be for Valentine's, so I hope you get to enjoy the lot as well. Take note though that each set is good for two and is actually a lot.
Both options starts off with the GARLIC RICE CROQUETTE. Here, they used their crowd favorite garlic rice as fillings. Made into a ball, the texture is crunchy on the outside and moist inside. I would have loved it if the flavor was bolder with each bite. It is here that the similarities between the two sets ends.
SET A would begin with Japanese Snow Crab Espresso. Made with a flavorful broth, guests would experience the savory flavor of the crab. The distinct saltiness was there.
From here, 3 kinds of assorted sashimi are served. From TUNA, SALMON, and SQUID, you get to understand why people flock to FUKUDAYA. The quality and the freshness of the cuts are tremendously good.

If that wasn't enough, a platter of NIGIRI SUSHI would be served.
NIGIRI is basically sashimi placed on top of vinegar mixed rice to create a delicious combination. Here, TUNA, SALMON, SEA EEL, WHITE FISH, and SHRIMP are used. Additionally, they also included California maki and Inari. The Inari is hands down the stand out. Slices of SALMON and its egg are placed on top of the rice. Delicious.
The main dish of SET A would be the JAPANESE SNOW CRAB TEMPURA. Flown in from Japan, the legs produce a meaty and easy way to eat crabs. This is also served with miso soup on the side.
SET B, on the other hand, is something for the less adventurous diners.
Here, all the dishes are cooked and well prepared as well. The CHICKEN and GREEN BEANS are served first. Accompanied by sesame sauce, it tastes light and smooth. Also, a TUNA dish would be delivered next. This one is cooked with fresh orange in Dashi Vinegar. Mouth feel wise, you might think of it as ground meat but it isn't.
For the mains, the BUTA BARANIKU would give you a clean flavor. Basically Pork simmered in a sweet sauce, it was cooked perfectly.
For something heavier, they served the AUSTRALIAN WAGYU STEAK. Partnered with Miso Soup and steamed rice, each bite is masterfully seasoned and is delicious.
For dessert, one set ends with the COFFEE MOCHA MOUSSE with fresh fruits. My personal favorite though would be the COFFEE JELLY infused with Japanese Whisky because of the striking flavor of the alcohol without the punch.
The VALENTINE'S special sets are available only from February 10-14. They will be served during dinner time. Reservations are a must. Call or text: 800-3563/ 0917-2640171


FUKUDAYA: Japanese Dining
Ground Floor
Arya Residences Tower 1
McKinley Parkway,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Metro Manila
P.S. Parking is available in the Basement.

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