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Saturday, February 11, 2017

 Surprises are events that either perk you up or pull you down. Thankfully, I was on the receiving end of the former rather than the latter. When I got home one afternoon, a gift box greeted me. Little did I know that this would have amazing drinks that would be really helpful with what I was going through.
 Tired and weary, I got a bit excited when I saw what was inside. COCIO ENERGY DRINKS!
 Cocio is known for their chocolate milk drinks that is all natural. Milk, natural sugar, and cocoa makes up the COCIO. This time around, the ENERGY BOOST won't come from some medicinal tasting drink with different scientific ingredients. COCIO ENERGY gets it's push with GUARANA. A plant that contains twice the amount of caffeine found in coffee.

"As with everything, please drink with moderation. Since this is a caffeinated drink, one can is good for a day. Do not over do it. Flavors include COFFEE and CHOCOLATE. Be sure to check out 7/11's for these powerful treats"

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Written by Lovely

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