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Monday, March 13, 2017

 It's always like that. The same old boring routine. Over and over again, same old same old. It tends to get the best of us. When we've been doing something for a long time, it seems that we can't escape it. It becomes our norm. With HOTEL JEN, they want you to LEAVE BORING BEHIND. Start a new and go for something different.
Just recently, HOTEL JEN worldwide held a launch to their LEAVE BORING BEHIND CAMPAIGN. Here in Manila, HOTEL JEN went above and beyond and brought some delicious dishes for different influencers to try out.
 Drinks were brought out first. While waiting for everyone to calm down and relax, different cocktail creations were served. Some were fruity while others were chocolatey.
 One standout would be a mandarin orange based mixture. Whipped cream is added on top and it has a sweet and tangy taste. A perfect creation of their mixologist. Just look for Ric and you'll be in fine hands.
 To celebrate this new endeavor, different dishes were created by HOTEL JENS from all over. The first one would be the CHILLI CRAB FONDUE. Created by HOTEL JEN TANGLIN in SINGAPORE, this one is a twist to the normal chilli crab. Fresh ingredients were used to create a spicy yet tasty dip. The crab fondue is presented inside a bread bowl. Personally, I like taking a piece of bread and dipping it in the chilli crab.
 From HOTEL JEN PUTERI HARBOUR, JOHOR, the LAKSA JOHOR SLIDER is different. A fish patty is placed in the middle of spaghetti buns. There is a curry flavor that lingers with each bite.
A favorite would be the SMOKED PULLED LAMB PONGTEH. Hotel Jen Penang created this dish as inspired by hearty barbecues in Southern America. The lamb absorbed the smokey flavor. A nyonya-style soya bean paste was spread evenly on the focaccia bread. Making it a full head on experience.
 Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway Singapore made laksa into something different. The LAKSA LEMAK SINGAPURA is not your ordinary laksa fried rice. This alternative take on peranakan dish has infused a bit of spicy aromatic flavor into the rice. A surprise of chilli sambal is also present to even out the taste.
 Proudly FILIPINO MADE, the GINATAANG TURON or plaintain, coconut and glutinous rice balls is mixed into a fritter. HOTEL JEN MANILA mastered a Filipino delicacy and made it into something more. By mixing the rice balls into the turon, a delicious dessert is born.
More than anything, the night would not have been amazing if it wasn't for the talent and hard work of the people in the kitchen. Thank you very much Chef Sonny Almandres and your team for having us and serving these regional creations.

With the bustling lights and sounds after dark, HOTEL JEN offers something more. Situated in a strategic location, HOTEL JEN MANILA can offer the perfect night life. AFTER HOURS as one would say. Guests could visit MALATE to experience an old school night time vibe. Different clubs and late night restaurants are perfect rendezvous spots for a night cap. Nearby, huge malls like the MALL of ASIA would also be the perfect venue to watch a late night movie. Others may also try to ICE SKATE and even play Bowling and Billiards. One could check out HOTEL JEN'S WEBSITE and see where night activities occur. Do check out the night life map. (website click here.)

Happy 1st Anniversary HOTEL JEN MANILA

THE HOTEL JEN EXPERIENCE: Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

Under Shangri-la Group
3001 Roxas Boulevard., Pasay City
Metro Manila, Philippines
(632) 795 8888
They also offer free shuttle rides on a first come first serve basis to the MALL OF ASIA.
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