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Friday, March 24, 2017

There are a lot of reasons to visit TAIWAN. I've been there a couple of times already and I figured I still got a lot to cover. On my first visit, my family and friends didn't know where to go and what to do. Hopefully, I'm able to share the different places that might entice you to visit Taiwan.
As I mentioned before, XIMENDING is the perfect place as a base whenever visiting Taipei. It's walking distance to and from Taipei Main Station and there are a lot of things to do in the area.
Furthermore, you could stay at TAIPEI M HOTEL or DIARY if TAIPEI. Both are affordable and up to par with the traveler's hotel in the area. Just a few streets away from these hotels, hole in the wall restaurants would lure you to come in. Even if there are no english menus, you could always point to a picture and the staff would gladly take your order. Plus, the prices are extremely affordable comparing it to the quality and the flavors that you get.
Camera junkies would enjoy HANKOU STREET. This is where stores upon stores of photo equipment and gadgets are lined up. I'm not sure if they offer cheaper alternatives but I guess it's worth a look.
Just a throw away is XIMEN. This is the hip and trendy place that offers clothing and other items that might make you want to go shopping. Some would say that the place is comparable to Harajuku in Japan but for me, it's a place to visit and do a bit of people watching.
Since TAIWAN is known as a huge MILK TEA lover, you would get to find different stalls selling whatever you may fancy. If there was one constant that I urge you to try, it would be the MILK TEA found at the bottom picture. I'm not sure what the brand is but, it is definitely worth it. At less than 1 USD per bottle, I usually horde a dozen or so every time I go. They offer a lot of flavors as well so it's a mix and match depending on your liking.
For first timers, it's a plus to do a day trip to YEHLIU - JIUFEN - PINGXI. One could arrange this with your hotel's concierge. Although a bit pricier, it's almost the same. Usually, a day trip would consist of a driver and the taxi. He would drive you to the places that you indicated on your preferred tour set. The entrance tickets and other fees are usually not part of the tour unless specified. Since this one is a little out of town, it was the group's pick.
From the downtown Taipei, one would travel all the way to the Eastern part of the country. This is where most of these places are located.
Most would suggest to visit YEHLIU GEOPARK before lunch time. Don't let the huge crowd outside the entrance discourage you. Once inside, you'll understand that the place is huge.
This is a nice location to take your ootds and to check out the alluring rock formations that crawls towards the sea.
After staying for about an hour and a half, head on over to JIUFEN. This used to be an old gold mine that was transformed into a tourist destination. It was once said to be the place where the present milk tea was created from. From the array of food stalls to souvenir, one could do a little shopping here.
Also, this is where you could go for lunch. The Peanut ice cream wrap is what they're known for and is worth a try. BUT when it comes to flavor, you should always get sausages. From experience, the sausages in Taiwan are tremendously good. If in case you get to see one, go for it. It's also here where you can try the YU YUAN TARO BALLS and have a sip of tea.
A visit to Taiwan won't be complete without going for a sky lantern. At PINGXI, you are greeted by establishments lined up at the side of the tracks. Aside from snacks and other dishes, go for a sky lantern. Write down all your wishes, blessings and things to be thankful for. At the count of three, you get to release it into nature. Cheers!
Taiwan is more than just TAIPEI 101. Culture and history is present in every turn.

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  1. Oh my god I wanna go back there and when I do I'll make sure I'll stay there longer. Sobrang bitin talaga ng byahe ko. And oh my, I loved buying that milktea, the one in a bottle that looks a lot like a talcum powder canister hahahaha...

    Yeah so obviously, I haven't seen a lot, I haven't been to Yehliu and Pingxi. Had I known I could fly a lantern there I would have made the trip! It's my dream to fly a sky lantern.

  2. Marj!!! Let me know when you plan to return... Sabayan kita!!! hahahahaha!!! There's a lot to do in Taiwan. More than just the usually night market and Taipei 101. There's even a place that specializes in hot spring bath. Another place would specialize in tea. Somewhat tagaytayish without the commercialization.

    The Sky lantern was fun. It let's you think about all your dreams and hopes. Write it all down and let it fly.

  3. Hi! Can I ask how you got to the geopark from Taipei? Did you join a tour group?

  4. Hey Kara! I didn't join a tour group. What we did was, we asked our hotel to fix it for us just a day before . Usually what you could do is to rent out a taxi for a day and they will bring you to different places to visit. The concierge could help you with that. The tickets for entrance and what not are on your account. Hope this helps. .... its more cost effective and less time consuming especially if you're 3-4 in a group

  5. Hi mr-jeng..may I know how much is rent taxi for a day? Thanks

  6. Hi may I know how much did you get the taxi rental for a day? Thanks

  7. Hey there Mico. For the taxi rental, I coursed it through the hotel so I'm guessing you could get it cheaper if you want. But if I'm not mistaken, we paid around 5-6k ntd for a group of four. It was like 1.5k ntd per person. Not bad considering it was from 9am to 6pm