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Saturday, April 8, 2017

It may not look pretty but this angus tapa is one of a kind. Created by JAM FOODS, one can't go wrong with a pack or two.
With different varieties available, one must always start with their award winning original recipe. Given to you in a presealed pack, glorious angus beef is marinated in their special sauce.
Cooking is pretty easy. After thawing for a bit, you just place everything in a hot pan. You may want to add a bit of oil or butter but let me tell you that I didn't and it tasted just right. The meat is tender and smooth.
Once everything is separated and cooked, you get to have an whole plate of damn good tapa just to satisfy your craving.
Of course, this goes well with egg. Rice with egg would do the trick for just about everything and anything. You could also serve this to your balikbayan friends and watch them enjoy each bite.
JAM ANGUS TAPA is available through local dealers so it's pretty easy to avail off. Aside from these tapa, they have salpicao, chorizo de cebu, and even Korean beef barbecue. Check out their instagram @jamfoods .

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