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Friday, April 7, 2017

There has been a decline in the number of French restaurants in the metro. In recent months, a couple of French establishments closed, giving patrons lesser options when it comes to something provencal. Thankfully, RAFFLES MAKATI introduced MIREIO. With bright interiors and a graceful set up, lunch at MIREIO is more fun than serious.
The menu in itself is versatile. It is perfect for a quick power lunch or a get together with long time friends. Starters are delicious and light. Simple yet sophisticated, the ingredients pour out to great you. Such is the case of the TOMATO TART. A generous serving of snails is placed on top of a crunchy flat bread that is mixed with tomato and parmesan cheese. With the basil dressing, everything jives together.
To wake up the senses, the PORK NECK and CHICKEN LIVER TERRINE is superb. Vivid flavors pop out with each bite. Having it with the pickled vegetables gives you a distinct profile that surprises the palette.
The CLASSIC BEEF TARTAR though must not be missed. Using only the freshest ingredients, a mixture of egg and high quality meat is presented with a battery of seasoning. This could definitely be French Cuisine's answer to sushi.
Speaking of seafood, non-meat eaters would enjoy the SALMON TARTAR. Topped with goat cheese and deep fried crisy skin, this has a more healthier flavor.
Moving on to a more serious note, this traditional puff pastry is filled with chicken and foie gras. One would immediately think that this dish would be dry and tough. Surprisingly, the chicken meat is moist and tremendously tender. The foie gras gave it a more smoother feel. The shell is also a bit crispy and held its form.
Something a bit similar to Filipino's sisig, this CRISPY PORK GALETTE has a savory note to it. The wrapping is something you could do without but it kept the chopped pork bits crispy. This is a dish that requires a cup of rice.
Even if MIREIO serves delicious cuts of meat that they cook into glorious steak, their seafood section is also a thing of beauty. With most of their ingredients flown in, one could expect that the quality and the flavors of each differs from your ordinary run of the mill supermarket.
As a substitute for rice, you might want to go for the PRAWNS RISOTTO. Each spoonful and you get to taste the sea. Salty but not overly so. Just right to compliment the prawns. Another over achiever would be the SEA BASS. An eye candy, this one is perfectly cooked. Each bite into the meat would provide a creamy texture. Underneath, the ratatouille stuffed canneloni are placed to support and work with the flavors. This one is light yet filling.
Furthermore, guests have the option of getting clams and mussels. Cooked in an unmistakable manner, the best tip one could get is to get a piece of bread and dip it in the sauces. The juices are filled with much gusto.
To end the meal, dessert is but the beginning. The flan tart is a bouncy way to get your fill. Another would be to go for the creme brulee. Each with their own characteristics.
It could be a quickie or a long engagement. For MIREIO, you're definitely getting your money's worth.


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Makati Ave, Makati City,
Metro Manila
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