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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

With traveling becoming more and more accessible and affordable, AIR ASIA wants you to get comfortable with all the amenities that you would need and want without breaking the bank. Hence, they hosted the first ever SANTAN FOOD FESTIVAL. An event to showcase the different inflight dishes that they serve, it is here that you get to see and experience the taste and flavors of SANTAN.
 When one thinks of MALAYSIA, the first place that comes into mind would be the PETRONAS TOWERS. Standing tall, this twin skyscrapers are home to different offices and businesses. Other than this, MALAYSIA is also known for being the base of AIR ASIA. ENTER THE RED Q.
 RED Q is the headquarters of the AIR ASIA GROUP. An impressive office, here we could see an open environment for everyone to interact and get their creative juices on.
 As you enter, you are greeted by the feeling of relaxation while in a work mode atmosphere. Bean bags and other comfortable seating arrangement are right smack in the middle.
 Holding the SANTAN FOOD FESTIVAL event here gave influencers and the media a glimpse into the different dishes AIR ASIA wants to share. Being the first ever, this is the largest inflight food tasting event in ASIA. Featuring meals from across the region, AIR ASIA wants its guests to enjoy and have a peek into the culture and different flavors one has to offer. It's like you're already traveling and experiencing food even while on the plane.
 According to AIRASIA GROUP CEO TAN SRI TONY FERNANDES, food is a unifying factor across the region. It's one of the reasons why we travel. Thus, they created this endeavor. SANTAN which means coconut, is the unifying term used to describe the different flavours of the ASEAN that AIR ASIA wants to deliver.
 From the latest signature dish of THAI GREEN CURRY, one could also go for the NASI LEMAK. It's like a mixture of spices and heritage rolled into the dishes. The Curry is a semi-spicy dish that is partnered with fluffy fragrant white rice. On the other hand, the Nasi Lemak is your meal on steroids. It has different parts that makes everything work. From the crispy fried anchovies to the salted peanuts and the chicken, scattered over rice cooked with coconut.
 Aside from these, they also had CHICKEN WITH MISO, CHICKEN ADOBO, PAD THAI, and even a mix of Indian food to add to the growing choices. Favorites though would have to be the ADOBO and the PAD THAI. Innovating more, AIR ASIA plans to use green packaging and even install an electronic system to make ordering and payment easier for the guests.

AIR ASIA PHILIPPINES, flies to MALAYSIA'S Kuala Lumpur 3x daily. As such, it's important to remember that they serve delicious and affordable meals in flight. Booking them in advance gives you more discounts as well.


2, Jalan Indah KLIA3, Taman Indah Klia,
43900 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia
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