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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Coined as the food capital of the Philippines, Pampanga has given a lot of delicious dishes that has placed the country in the world food map. Just recently, NOVOTEL MANILA ARANETA CENTER has launched the KANYAMAN FILIPINO FOOD FESTIVAL. Headed by no other than CHEF SAU DEL ROSARIO, this delicious spread was carefully curated to showcase the different dishes Pampanga has to offer.
From June 8 to the 22nd, NOVOTEL MANILA would host a delicious buffet consisting of Kapanpangan dishes that Chef Sau has recreated. From traditional salad, to tamales, and even the famous buro, you won't go wrong with the starters. From here, guests could even make their own noodle dish. Different Filipino savory sauces were present to mix and match with traditional noodles.
With regards to the main dishes, CHEF SAU made sure to put a bit of twist. One could start big with DUCK ADOBO, LAMB SHANK KALDERETA, PORK POCHERO, and BEEF SALPICAO. Heavy as they may sound, this are classics recreated.
Seafood lovers would enjoy the RELLENONG BANGUS and the SEAFOOD PINAKBET, Both are healthy dishes that are big on taste.
Another side of the buffet even serves Filipino Pizza Flavors. From sisig to adobo, one could ask for a freshly baked slice as well.
In terms of the big guns, they have a lot of those at NOVOTEL.
A very iconic dish would be the SISIG PAELLA. Different parts of a pig is used to create a crunchy, juicy and soft mixture of fatty goodness. Here, it is in paella form as SISIG is best eaten with rice.
A dish that is one of CHEF SAU'S CAFE FLEUR best seller was also present. The KARE KARE MACADAMIA. Instead of using the traditional peanuts for the sauce, here, macadamia is prepped giving the kare-kare a more robust flavor.
To make things more interesting, CHEF SAU prepared 3 kinds of ROASTED PORK BELLY. One is stuffed with BRINGHE, another with mangoes, and lastly chocolate and cheese. Crispy skin and tender meat is the perfect way to describe this dish.
As for the carving station, they prepared the PRIME RIB BISTEK. A Filipino take on the prime rib, this has a saltier base that is quite similar with BISTEK. 
The KANYAMAN FILIPINO FOOD FESTIVAL of NOVOTEL MANILA ARANETA CENTER would run from June 8 to the 22nd. Aside from these dishes, they also have a grilling station, indian station, sushi, and a long dessert spread. The Buffet is pegged at Php 1,200 for the weekday lunch and Php 1,600 for dinners and weekends.


(02) 990 7888
General Aguinaldo Avenue, Araneta Center
0810 Quezon City, Philippines

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  1. So i thought Novotel s just like an errrr kind of a hotel and they have this posh too! Sooo awesome of them! Also since June is the independence, i love that everyone's showcasing Manila Flavors, arts and music and all in the metro!

  2. Yes sir. I think they're more of a business hotel but here they also try to celebrate independence with gorgeous food!!!!!