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Sunday, July 16, 2017

His birthday was actually on a Friday, but seeing that our schedule won't match, we all figured that Saturday would be the best time to celebrate. My brother just turned 20 and he is rocking it. He is currently doing his in between semester studies at the University of the Philippines and he has just successfully shifted to a more difficult and rigorous quota course.
I can't help but think of where we could go and have some delicious quality time. Believing that we should have the best for him, we woke up early and drove all the way to Makati just for lunch. Hello Spectrum.
With a straightforward attitude when it comes to its service and offerings, SPECTRUM is the all day buffet restaurant of Raffles and Fairmont Hotel in Makati. Right from the entrance, you are greeted by a glimpse to their dessert station. Different types of macarons, cakes, ice cream, and other sweet offerings are right there for you to try out.
Beside it would be the different vegetables and salad that you could mix together.
There were even cold noodles that were perfect for the birthday boy.
The Japanese section was filled with different types of rolls and sashimi and sushi.
Seafood lovers would enjoy the huge steamed fish. Very simple, it's flavors are easily brought out because of its freshness.
Aside from the different cooked dishes that showcase Chinese, Indian, Filipino cuisine, they also have a seafood cold bar that serves shrimps, squid, salmon, and mussels. The carving station wasn't that bad either.
My family and I enjoyed the spread as much as anyone would. Granted that it may not be as huge as other hotel buffet restaurants, it does the trick.

Ground Floor
Raffles Makati, 
Palm Drive, Makati City, 
Metro Manila

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