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Friday, July 14, 2017

It has been a long time since I had this feeling. The urge to go back to a particular restaurant after trying it out just a day or two ago. Something that I think Chef ROBBY GOCO wants for his newest baby, SOUV BY CYMA. Basically, everyday Greek dining for everyone.
The foundation of Greek Cuisine could be simplified by the acronym LOOPS. According to the chef, this one translates to Lemon, Oregano, Olive Oil, Pepper, and Salt. If you have all of these, you can basically cook Greek food. At SOUV, they use top of the line ingredients from Greece. The different ingredients that you see in their kitchen are pretty much present in the restaurants found in Greece.
Located along a strip of newly opened restaurants in the NET PARK BLDG along 5th Avenue, SOUV stands out as the only Greek Restaurant in the middle of BGC. Short hand for Souvlaki, Souv is a place that specializes with roasted meat. From chicken, pork, beef, and lamb, you have everything for everyone.
If indecisive, it might be a bit hard to pick from the menu. Even if it is straight forward, you have a lot of dishes to choose from. Patrons of CYMA need not worry as some top dishes are also present in SOUV. One could start out with the appetizers. The CHEESE SAGANAKI might be a good start. Fig jam and honey sesame is placed on top of fried Kefalotiri. Scooping the gooey cheese with the grilled bread whets the appetite. On the other end, you might find yourself craving for GREEK NACHOS. With different layers, this "dip" dish is perfect with pita.
Greek cuisine revolves around fresh ingredients as well. Their version of salads are refreshing and light to eat. The GREEK SUMMER SALAD would the favorite of avocado lovers. Mixing it all up does the trick.
Something unique, the CRANBERRY GRAINS SALAD would be a great choice as well. The cumin honey yogurt dressing cements the flavors together.
Somewhat oriental in a way, the STICKY CHICKEN WINGS is down right impressive. The sweetness is leveled with the harrisa yogurt. The fried capers gives it a salty contrast.
A hands down favorite, the GRILLED SOUS VIDE OCTOPUS is a must order. Simple yet refined, there is a smokey flavor that greets you. The accompanying salad gives it a bit of zing and elevates the octopus as the main focus of the dish.
The GREEK TUNA ROE is a creamy pasta with that could be a bit overwhelming after a few bites. There is a secret table top spice that is a must when eating this. Use the specially formulated red salt in one of those tiny bottles on the side. By adding this, you cut the monotonous flavor and it is wakes you up. The salt in itself is different. A mixture of lemon and other secret crystalized ingredients, you'll be tempted to snatch one to take home.
The meat dishes is another huge reason why one should check out SOUV BY CYMA. The ANGUS BEEF SHORT RIB and the ALL MEAT PLATTER say it all. The ribs are flavorful and the meat tender. You just can't go wrong with whatever you choose. If in case you are a seafood lover, their GRILLED WHOLE FISH might be your bet. Lapu-lapu is served with clam sauce and EVOO. It might seemed that it was cooked with mayonnaise but it wasn't. Healthy and delicious, it was.
Other than these dishes, SOUV has this BEST FOR LUNCH items that you could pick. Their goal would be to serve them as fast and as quick as possible. Choices like the pork wrap of lamb bowl and even chicken salad are all part of this list. Don't forget to try their dessert. Mixing extra virgin olive oil with something sweet and salty might seem weird for dessert but it's a must try as well.

Net Park Building
5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, 
Taguig City, Metro Manila

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