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Monday, October 16, 2017

 How does one define healthy? When you google, it simply states being in good health. So, we could generalize that it's a matter of what we partake off and also what we do in our everyday lives. At CDP GLOBAL TABLE in ROCKWELL MALL, they try to give it a different meaning. HEALTHYISH in a sense that the dishes could be healthy depending on how you look at it. These aren't your bland and not so good looking food. They are different and works pretty well depending on how you perceive it. Healthy dishes maybe in a sense of how they are cooked, or how the ingredients were sourced, and even what your diet requires of you.
 Located outside of the mall and just beside MAMOU, CDP has been making a name for itself in the food business. It's like casual dining but with a flair. Here, you could let your guard down and enjoy yourself and your company.
 For some, it would take a lot to be healthy but it's always a must to indulge from time to time. Not really part of their HEALTHYISH menu, the Deep Fried Pork's Ear is a surefire way to start the ball rolling.
 Moving on, CDP prepared different dishes to entice guests to live healthy and choose something not of the ordinary.
 Starting off with the KIMCHI SOBA SALAD, this cold soba bowl is very refreshing. I enjoyed the flavors that came from it. Egg, nori, and crispy tofu were part of the toppings.  Another must order would be the POKE and ADLAI BOWL. Rather than using rice, adlai is substituted to give it a different texture. You see adlai is better on the glycemic index than plain old rice. Mixing it with the tuna and kani and avocado and lato made wonders in my mouth.
Other bowls like the halibut on quinoa and cauli rice, grilled beef and vermicelli salad, and the Ulang and tropical fruit were also available on the menu.
 For diners looking for something different, they could partake of the number of wraps prepared. Here, one could choose from: grilled vegetables, prawn and oyster tempura, grilled chicken tikka, and Lamb kofta wrap.
If you're a carnivore like me, the LECHON WRAP would be your best bet. With a bit of kick from the sriracha, this is just juicy and deadly.
CDP GLOBAL TABLE #HEALTHYISH Bowls and Wraps are an interesting play on being healthy. These could definitely hold their own against other items on the menu. Go for it! It's perfectly fine to try out something new and delicious.

CDP: Chef Du Partie in Makati

R1 Level Lopez Drive,
Power Plant Mall, Makati City,
Metro Manila

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Written by Lovely

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