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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It's always a good time when you visit LONG BAR in Raffles Makati. More so when it's OKTOBERFEST. For the month of October, Raffles Hotel turned the Long Bar into the place to visit when it comes to enjoying a cold one.
Usually, LONG BAR is known for their amazing cocktails and their long list of alcohol bottles that are available for consumption.
This time around, from 5pm to 8pm guests could partake of one heck of a HAPPY HOUR. There is free flowing BEER from draft choices like their very own Octoberfest Brew to Munich Hell Original, Hefe Weisbier, and Paulaner Dunkel Original. Other local and imported beers are also available. Aside from these, you could go for gin, vodka, whisky, and rum
In addition, cocktails are also unlimited. From the classic Singapore Sling, Lychee Martini, and the famous Rain or Shine. For food, you could order the PORK KNUCKLE and SAUSAGE PLATTER. For Php 1,250, a number of sausages and the most amazing pork knuckle is available. Believe me when I say that the knuckles are so good. Crispy and moist at the same time, it actually goes well with the bread and the mashed potato.
The LONG BAR of RAFFLES MAKATI is offering the OKTOBERFEST from 5pm to 8pm for only Php 695Php. If you wish to extend happy hour up to 10pm, you could just add Php 300 per person. Not bad considering that this is unlimited and is served in one of the best hotel bars in the metro.

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