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Saturday, October 21, 2017

With the Holidays coming in, sometimes you get out of ideas when thinking about gifts that you want to give away to your love ones. At HEALTHY OPTIONS, they let you choose from a number of packages that could really help you out and be healthy at the same time.
At the newly renovated HEALTHY OPTIONS FLAGSHIP STORE in SHANGRI-LA MALL in Mandaluyong, you're senses are treated to a lot more than just snacks. It's basically a one stop shop for all your healthy needs when in Manila. Aside from supplements, cold items, grains, beauty products, what surprised me was that they have their own meat shop ready to serve you with your needs.
When you move around the store, a number of delicious and popular items would greet you. Here, you get to choose and pick whichever products you may want to include in your basket of goodies to give away.

Healthy eaters could snack on different delicious yet nutritious items that HEALTHY OPTIONS has. Some of them are even more affordable compared to what you could see at other stores. Some examples would be the store branded thick rolled oats, pancake mix, and chia seeds among others.
Kids would enjoy snacks such as chocolate chinks, white cheddar popcorn, and pretzel crisps as well.
For exclusive discounts and privileges, HEALTHY OPTIONS in SHANGRI-LA and GLORIETTA 2 would accept pre-orders for their annual Healthy Options Gift Show. Happening on October 20-22, one could troop on over and check out the different gift ideas.
For everything but the kitchen sink, the SPARKLE BOX would be your best bet. This is where you get to find a number of snacks and exclusive grocery items.
Aside from a number of other choices, the TWINKLE package stood out because it offered a gluten-free selection that would be perfect for those with food allergies. Furthermore, there are also all-natural and organic gifts for beauty such as the Be Dazzling, Pure Radiance, and Shine On selections.
With the gift of health, HEALTHY OPTIONS seems to be the best place to visit when choosing gift ideas for our family and friends. It's something that could really stand out from the usual ideas we have in terms of gifts. Go for it!

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