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Monday, October 30, 2017

 When one thinks about La Union, there's the beach and the surfing that comes with it. Visiting the place is both relaxing and enjoyable. There are loads of activities to do and ELYU has a bit of everything. One of the things that might interest you would be this new hostel that only opened to the public this year. Visit VESSEL HOSTEL.
 Located in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union, Vessel Hostel is a compound that houses comfortable bunks that would cater to everyone's needs. It has a bit of surfer and hipster vibe that millenials would appreciate.
 Just off the parking lot, you get to realize why it's called Vessel. The structure is made up of different container crates that gives it an interesting look. Once in the lobby, the staff is very helpful and accommodating. They could assist you with tours and even help in booking surfing lessons with amazing teachers.
 Each floor is designed to give a 70's feel. It's like telling you to unwind and keep things slow.
 Each room has at the minimum 4 beds, others have more. Don't worry as all the sleeping quarters have air condition and each one is given a towel. Every bunk has its own light switch, table, power sockets, and locker. Guests should bring in their own locks to secure valuables. The washroom is common but complete and clean. They have hot and cold water for the shower, bidet, and tissue. Don't forget to bring toothbrush and toothpaste. If you don't remember, there are nearby stores.
One of the best things about VESSEL HOSTEL would be its location. Although not on the main national highway, it's a stone throw away from all the legit and delicious must visit restaurants in the area. Actually, you could say that Vessel is in the center of it all.
 Aside from the parking lot, they also have a number of other amenities. There are showers located just outside near the lobby if you need a quick one. There's also wash areas for your feet just so as not to dirty the place. Furthermore, they offer a nice view at their top floor. Here, you could hangout and check the waves. This is also where breakfast is served.
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Although it might look simple, the breakfast is actually filling. There's bread, banana, boiled egg, jam, butter, and coffee. One thing that's amazing here is that they have a refrigerator and some cooking instruments that you could use if you wish to cook your own meal. Don't forget to bring a water container as they have their own dispenser as well.
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Another thing I liked about Vessel would be how the staff treats you. They were all very accommodating and helpful with regards to all of my queries. They gave tips on what to do and even suggested different activities.

Vessel Hostel is located in Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. It's very near Mad Monkeys and Tagpuan. You could check them out at .
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