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Monday, November 27, 2017

BURN BABY BURN! I was extremely excited to check out DIAMOND HOTEL'S YURAKUEN that particular night. Rather than just going for the exception Japanese dishes ala carte, I was there for the TEPPANYAKI BUFFET!
When one visits the TEPPANYAKI place of DIAMOND HOTEL MANILA, everything is set in motion once you take your seat. Appetizers are brought in front of you one after another.
Aside from the fresh sushi and sashimi, you are also given california rolls and other delicious choices for you to start feasting on.
The KANI SALAD was pretty good but what made my mouth salivate was the GINDARA. Perfectly covered with a sweet glaze, this fish was flavorful and delicious. Even the skin is a must eat as its texture gives you a bit of a crunch. You should definitely try this one.
For that night, the real meal started with some excellent execution of playful cooking. The chef knew how to entertain and create visually stunning moves. It was art in motion. The first part went with some vegetables.
Afterwards, it was the seafood's turn. When having TEPPANYAKI at YURAKUEN, I would suggest requesting for the big boys.
Go for the scallops. They are so plump and juicy. Definitely worth ordering more!
Finishing of the seafood and the veggies comes the main event. STEAK!
Different cuts of your favorite meat options are available. There are short ribs, tenderloin, and sirloin. Ask the chef to cook them based on your preference. 
Personally, I would go for medium as the meat's flavor is still there and the juices are all intact.

Being able to go to a TEPPANYAKI place like the one at DIAMOND HOTEL MANILA makes one appreciate how the staff and the chef takes care of you and your food. Aside from the amazing entertainment you get from seeing your food cooked live and in front of you, you get to have a chance to just relax and have some fun. I could definitely say that the TEPPANYAKI BUFFET at YURAKUEN is one sweet deal. I can't wait to go back.
THE TEPPANYAKI BUFFET at YURAKUEN is available for lunch and dinner. Usually, there are a couple of seating times for both. Reservation is recommended especially when visiting on a weekend or a holiday. Head on over to Diamond Hotel's Website to check out their promotions with regards to this. I believe they offer it cheaper if you get a coupon from them. Enjoy!

Yurakuen: Diamond Hotel Manila's Japanese Delight

Roxas Blvd cor. J Quintos St.
Manila City, Metro Manila

(632) 528-3000 or (632) 305-3000

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