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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

 It was as if I was a kid again. I went all over the place. Ran like there was no tomorrow and even for a small time danced like a kung fu master. It was everything and more at DREAMPLAY CITY OF DREAMS MANILA.
 Ever wanted to feel the thrill of being one of the young ones again? At DREAMWORK'S DREAMPLAY in CITY OF DREAMS MANILA, you get to play, create, and learn. It's here that kids and kids at heart get to enjoy a lot of childhood fantasies and even for a time, become just that.
 Left and right, once you enter, you are greeted by the kind staff and assisted through everything that you could and must do. Safety is a priority in DREAMPLAY that's why harnesses are checked and properly attached to guests that would go for physical activities.
 Speaking of, two of the most amazing and must visit place in the park would be the THREAD OF ENLIGHTENMENT and the WALL OF DESTINY. Both are quite tiring but enjoyable. You get to walk the plank, climb walls, and even hang on for dear life.
Aside from these, there are other activities that could be fun as well. You can create your own dragon and see it fly. There are even giant slides that would make your body twist and turn.
If you are lucky, you might bump into one of the major characters and have your photo taken with them as well. It's like seeing your crush up close and personal. You get giddy and enjoy their company.
The young ones could create their very own cartoon. They can also color different templates on huge touch screen tvs. The park makes use of technological advancement to let the kids have fun and learn.
Aside from the puppet show and the 4d short movie, don't forget to sign up for the baking class.
It's here that you get to mold and create your very own ginger bread man. It let's your creativity flow. Plus, you get to meet special guests. It's like a show within a show.
One thing I liked about DREAMPLAY is that you could actually hold your parties here. Not just for the kids but also for the grown ups as well.
You could have your very own dinner party. Just like a week back, select members of the media were shown just how fun it is to be like a kid again while enjoying the delicious offerings CITY OF DREAMS MANILA has.
The events catering at City of Dreams Manila is top notch that they think of different ways to make the party alive. Aside from delicious dishes from their top rated restaurants like NOBU, you get to experience their chefs' creativity for their chosen dishes. Special mention has to go to these amazing chocolates. They are infused with different whiskys. Go for the chivas as it's exceptional.
I just want to thank the communications team and everyone at CITY OF DREAMS MANILA for organizing this wonderful treat. Having adults come on over to play and eat in DREAMPLAY is one unforgettable experience.

Thankfully, DREAMPLAY is now open to adults as well. They operate Monday to Thursday from 10am to 9pm while Fridays/Holidays/Weekends at 9am to 10pm. Weekday passes are at 680 Php and weekends and holidays are at 880 Php. VIP passes and Family Annual Passes (4persons) are also available.

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