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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

 Sweet and savory. Two flavor combination that would seemingly work. Not every time of course, but it's definitely something that Filipinos love. At 2 Lazcano Place, my friends and I were treated to everything but the kitchen sink. You see, this place is a collection of different restaurants all in one. It's not another food park mind you, but a compound with different standing restaurants with their own kitchen, seats, and the works.
 Located at the intersection of Sct. Lazcano, Sct Magbanua, and Mother Ignacia, 2 Lazcano Place houses a number of different restaurants. Parking might be a little bit of an issue but once you get a spot, you'll surely be rewarded with all the food, drinks, and sweets you might want to have.
 For that lunch, we all started with KUSINA JUAN REPUBLIKA. This restaurant is the Filipino joint in the compound. It has an extensive menu and the pricing is quite reasonable.
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 Aside from the sisig, they actually surprised me with the PINAKBET RICE with SEAFOOD. You might be surprised but it's not all vegetables. Once you pass that, you get a taste of buttery and rich rice.
 IF you can't decide what to get, you may want to go for the platter. A mix of deep fried squid, liempo, and even ensaladang eggplant.
 You could partner this with their deep fried hito with their homemade buro or fermented rice.
To be fair, the sizzling options are quite good as well.
 The winning dish for that lunch though would be THE CRISPY PATA. This baby is one massive hit. Crispy Skin and flavorful meat inside. Dip it in the sauce and get some rice, and you're all good.
If you're up for something light and a bit boozy, the LITTLE WINEHAUS got you covered.
They have finger foods and sausages plus meat to entice you. You could have them together with a glass of wine or their sangrias. There is something about the combination of salty meat and the sweet touch of liquor.
Japanese food lovers would enjoy BENTO and CO. This petite shop has a lot of punch. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of their dishes. They were all executed well.
Of course, they got to have bentos in their menu. These meals are quite delicious and have generous servings. The ones with the "steak" are quite enjoyable too.
If that's not enough for you, their EBI TEMPURA might work together with their rice bowls and yes, they also offer sashimi and sushi.
To be honest, I was quite surprised that there are two restaurants with almost similar concept.
The first one is on the second floor. Named as BREWOLOGY, once you enter you are greeted with the aroma of the coffee. They have a number of pastries and coffee.
You have to try their WAFFOGATO. It's not as sweet as you would imagine and it's pretty good twist to the usual waffle. Their coffee is really good and is best partnered with their baked dishes.
URBANIDAD CAFE on the other hand, focuses more on cakes. Aside from the drinks, their cakes are pretty good.
At first glance, you might say that it's another food park. BUT, it isn't. 2 LAZCANO PLACE is a collection of different restaurants that could provide whatever you may crave for. Don't forget, you could actually sit in any place and you could cross order from whichever resto you may like. So, it's basically one place that could really tickle whatever you fancy.


Kusina Juan Republika Menu:

2 Scout Lazcano Corner
Mother Ignacia and Scout Magbanua
1101 Quezon City, Metro Manila

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