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Monday, December 4, 2017

 If there was one restaurant I was super excited to open in the metro, it would be PARADISE DYNASTY. Unfortunately, it's pretty far from my place. Located in S Maison, it's a good 2 hour drive during traffic. Thankfully, things are about to get better. This December, PARADISE DYNASTY would be opening in the new PODIUM MALL in ORTIGAS.
 Ever since I tried PARADISE DYNASTY in SINGAPORE, I knew I would be thankful to the food gods if it ever open in Manila. Look at it now, with 1 restaurant down south and another one opening this month in Ortigas, I am one happy foodie.
 Paradise Dynasty is known for their flavored Xiao Long Baos. These dumplings have a soupy interior with different flavors based on their color. To be honest, I love their truffle and crab roe flavored dumplings. Still, the original one is the best.
 Other dishes must not be missed when visiting Paradise Dynasty. As much as I am excited to have them here in ORTIGAS, I still find myself marching down south and even going for their noodles. One of them would be the stir fried shredded pork in black bean sauce served in Chinese crepe. Here, you have to use the wraps as a vessel for the delicious noodles.
 Their La Mian Noodles are also pretty good. Different variants give a lot of choices to the guests.
 A couple of must order dishes for me would be the Radish Pastry, Scrambled egg white, and the spicy stir fried chicken. The pastry is flaky and adds a sweet touch.
 The egg white gives off a bit of "healthy" all protein dish. While the spicy chicken, isn't really that hot. Rather, it gives a different meaning to the term fried. Delicious.
I can't wait for PARADISE DYNASTY TO OPEN in PODIUM, Ortigas this month! Another reason for me to go back and enjoy the famous different flavored xiao long bao!

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