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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It's the season to be jolly, full, and happy. At Chili's, they want you to indulge and have fun. Along side with their usual greatest hits, they concocted something new for your holiday get together. They now offer a new fusion menu.
To start things off, you could try out the Hand-Stuffed Baked Jalapeno. Surprisingly, it wasn't as hot as one would expect. Pepper wedges had smoked chicken covered with melted cheese. The pickled red onions gave it a zing and zang just to break away with the heavy taste.
Steak lovers would enjoy the BBQ STEAK with Chimichurri. This 8 oz sirloin delight is placed on top a bed of mashed potatoes with the green sauce on the size. Plus, all of these main dishes are served with a side of creamed corn. I hope they offer this corn dish as ala carte as it's a pretty good snack.
If you're into Chili's Salmon, then you'll enjoy the SALMON with AJI AMARILLO SAUCE. My dad always order the salmon whenever we eat at Chili's. This will be a welcome addition to the dishes that he could choose from. The aji amarillo gives the dish another level. It isn't as hot as you might expect but it does elevate the dining pleasure.
To give steak another life, the CHIPOTLE BALSAMIC STEAK has glazed balsamic just to give it a hint of sweetness. It's like making the flavors alive again. It's a great twist if you think about it. The crowd favorite though would have to be the SEARED LAMB with FIG SAUCE. The fruity sauce levels the natural gaminess of the lamb. To be honest, I could eat this all day.
To finish things off, the MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE is a must get. It's not maybe or I'll try. It's definitely a no brainer. This cake is filled with chocolate fudge plus has a vanilla ice cream on top. Darn good if you ask me.
These Fusion dishes are available up until the first week of January. Check them out at the different Chili's Restaurant around the Metro.

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Written by Lovely

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