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Friday, December 1, 2017

As a foodie, I always have one of the most problematic job of answering the most asked question ever. "Where will we eat?". It's always "saan tayo kakain?!".  It's quite hard to satisfy everyone's cravings and appetites. Thankfully BUFFETS were made.
If there was one SUNDAY HOTEL BUFFET to visit, it would be THE CAFE in HYATT CITY OF DREAMS MANILA. This huge restaurant houses different theaters that would and could cater to your needs, wants, and desires. Here are 5 reasons why you should come on over and visit THE CAFE during SUNDAY BRUNCH.
1) One of the main draw of the Sunday Brunch is their offering of lobsters. Granted that these are slipper lobsters, you could have them cooked based on your preference. Also, they have shrimps, clams, and crabs just to add to the frey.
2) Just beside it, they have an amazing oyster bar that has a huge spread of Fine de Claire Oysters. These aren't your ordinary versions. They are imported and have a sweeter note compared to other oysters I have tasted.
3) They have an extensive carving station. Not only do they have a fine looking roasted pig aka lechon, they also have this HUGE WAGYU BEEF. It's like your dream just came true. It's juicy and tender and terrific. No need to worry as the chef manning the station could grill it for you based on your preference.
 Mic drop and set. These babies are cooked right in front of you. You have the option to add different toppings that would go well with them. Personally, I know that having too much would be bad for you but I had 7 of these babies. My goodness, they were amazing.
5) The buffet comes with unlimited drinks and a selection of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. Just having a glass or two of mojito with your sparkling wine sounds right about perfect for brunch.
Of course, The Cafe at the HYATT has more to offer. They have tons of dishes in the spread plus more scrumptious delights like the crispy pata and even a huge shank cooked in red wine.
Also, don't forget to go for their tempuras. They have a number for you to choose from but personal fave would be the ebi or the shrimp.
Of course, they have a number of sushi and sashimi available as well.
And just to top it all of, they have a long table spread filled with sweet endings.
The CAFE at HYATT CITY OF DREAMS MANILA is the all day buffet restaurant of the hotel. The Sunday Brunch buffet spread is at  Php 2,999 nett. This comes with free-flowing sparkling wine, local beer and selected cocktails. You also have the option not to have the alcoholic beverages at a discounted price of Php 2,799 nett. Sunday Brunch is inclusive of shucked oysters, wok-fried lobsters, seafood on ice, and Spanish Iberico cured ham.

Breakfast daily is at Php 1,300 nett
Lunch Monday-Thursday is at Php 1,638 nett
Dinner of Sunday-Thursday is at Php 2,088 nett
Dinner Friday-Saturday is at Php 2,538 nett

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Written by Lovely

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