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Monday, March 26, 2018

To be honest, I like to drive but with heavy traffic and the burden of finding a parking space, is something that makes me think twice. With the new P2P service that GENESIS TRANSPORT offers, it's the perfect way out. The Point to point service that I recently tried was their TRINOMA to CLARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Route and vice versa.
Loading area right beside the MRT/Landmark Entrance along Edsa
Here are 5 reasons why I chose GENESIS P2P when going to Clark International Airport.
1. It leaves on time. This is an important factor why the P2P service from Genesis Transport is successful. The schedule that they offer is quite convenient for travelers and people that need to get to their destination on time. From Trinoma, there are 2 locations where you could hop on. The first one would be their "garage" which is located on the side of the MRT STATION along EDSA. It's actually near the Landmark Entrance of TRINOMA. The other one would be the Clark Airport Lounge on the North Edsa Avenue Side of Trinoma. Here, it's quite comfortable as there are chairs, a/c and even television for the waiting public.
2. The Buses they use are BRAND NEW. Each seat is clean and comfortable. Plus, the a/c is surprisingly cold. Don't worry though, each outlet could be turned on or off depending on your preference. They also have compartments for your big luggages. As such, you're assured that there's room for everything and everyone.
3. Since the bus doesn't make any unscheduled stops, you are assured that your trip is SECURED. Each bus is equipped with cctv and gps for your safety. Admittedly, you can't control the time that you would arrive but at least you can be prepared. Remember to be at the airport 2 hours before any domestic flight and 3 hours prior to an international one. From Trinoma, it would usually take 2 hours give or take before getting to Clark International Airport.
4. The buses are modern and uses technology for everyone's convenience. Gone are the days that riders would be bored. The buses that plight this route offers free and fast internet access. Aside from the USB ports that could be used for charging devices, I was pleased to see that the internet connection via their wifi hotspot was fast and reliable. I was able to do a little bit of work during the quick trip.
Outside of the Arrivals Area of the CLARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. This is where the fleet of Genesis buses will wait for you.
5. They have very informative and friendly staff. Once I arrived at the station, I was assisted with my luggage. Plus everyone answered my queries with regards to the different things that I needed. They even gave a couple of tips when one visits Clark.
To further help you, this is the schedule for their trips to and from Clark International Airport via the P2P bus. As you can see, the price is quite affordable. With almost hourly dispacthes, you can definitely get to your destination on time, fresh, and well rested. Don't forget, they also have a route that services the Naia3-Clark International Aiport. 
Head on over to the Facebook Page of Genesis Transport. There, you could check out their latest updates, price changes, and other information that you may need when you travel.

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