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Saturday, March 24, 2018

There's a couple of reasons why I always see myself going back to F1 HOTEL in BGC. It's because of the hospitality and also of the entire stay experience. I have been to this hotel a number of times already, and yet I see myself coming back for more.
For lunch, it seems that the buffet has a lot of new things that guests would enjoy. Aside from the usual salad and seafood spread, they have a sort of Filipino-Mexican theme going.
There was a mix between distinctly Filipino dishes and some Mexican flavors. Examples would be the Chicken Adobo Enchiladas, Chipotle Chicken, Shrimp Halabos, and a lot more.
Patrons would also be treated to the amazing home made chicharon. These are crunchy and perfect to go with a glass of beer.
The Grilled Squid was also flavored with Spanish-Mexican flavors as well. It's succulent and isn't overcooked. There wasn't any rubbery feeling with each bite. If you're up for it, their sinigang is Mexican flavored and goes well with rice. Speaking of rice, they have a fried rice station just for you.
Since Filipinos love tempura so much, they had different versions. From shrimps, squid, and even clams. What differs is the dipping sauce. It's made in such a way that it screams Filipino.
Of course accommodation at the F1 HOTEL in BGC is a pretty chill. From their suites and deluxe rooms, they have promos for the everyday traveler and even staycationers.
The gym and the pools are both inviting. One could go there with the love ones to enjoy the weather and the water.
Another thing that F1 HOTEL does great is that they strive to elevate their game. At night time, the CANARY LOUNGE transforms itself into a beach vibe chill place that even features an acoustic session with Jet Barrun every Friday at 8pm to 12mn.
For that special night, an outdoor bbq grill was prepared by the guys from the kitchen.
There was a lot of grilled dishes that were shared with everyone.
Aside from the sausages, chicken, and tune skewers, there was also baked oysters.
 Guests could also enjoy the New Canary lounge as they also offer a number of drinks that goes well with the boards. It could be cheese or a mix of tapa's and cold cuts.
Kids are not left out as there's a station that focuses on their happiness. They could have cotton candy and even popcorn. I heard there's even an Outdoor Movie Nights every Saturday and Sundays.
For the HOLY WEEK, there are EASTER ROOM PACKAGES that would be perfect for family bonding.
F1 Hotel BGC is a great place to stay at when everyone is out of town. Aside from the quite time you'll experience, you get to have BGC all to yourself.
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Written by Lovely

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