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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It was as if I was transported to a different country. It was something out of a movie from the early 1900's. Very grand and immaculate, one foot in and I was floored. The GRAND HYATT in Bonifacio Global City is just incredible. Aside from being in soft opening status since January 15, the hotel is on full swing. One of the places that everyone should visit would be the GRAND KITCHEN of the GRAND HYATT BGC.
 Located on a quiet part of BGC, the Grand Hyatt stands as the tallest building in the Philippines. It may not have the most number of floors, but the different ceiling heights and the infrastructure on the top makes it the tallest structure.
Here are 5 reasons why you should visit and enjoy the GRAND KITCHEN of the GRAND HYATT.
1) The place is just nostalgic. With a calm design and different albums on the wall, the GRAND KITCHEN makes it an ideal place to relax and have a good time. Furthermore, they mean business when it comes to food. With the kitchen area almost if not as big as the dining area, guests and patron are going to be treated to the best amount of care and quality dishes that they could offer.
2) THE GRAND KITCHEN makes sure that the dishes they serve are fresh and not cooked 1 or 2 hours prior. Almost all the dishes are prepared right infront of you. Some they only cook when you order. It's basically a buffet setup but ala minute. Burgers, steak, grilled items and more are only cooked when you order. As such, you are definitely getting the fresh stuff. 
3) PRESENTATION wise, they make sure you get the whole package. When ordering hainanese or soy chicken, you don't just get a slice but you're given all the sauces and even chicken rice.
 Tempuras are also only cooked in batches. They make sure you get them fresh and complete. Better yet, you could actually ask them to deliver a fresh batch to your table.
4) ALL THE STATIONS ARE INTERACTIVE. Meaning to say, you could ask the chef to prepare something for you and if they have it, they can do it.
You can ask the staff to prepare something different for you. Here is the Executive Chef Mark Hagan explaining the idea behind the GRAND KITCHEN. It's about being there for the guests and giving them a different and elevated experience.
5) SUSTAINABILITY is the key. The ingredients and the different dishes that they serve are made sure to be from sustainable and responsible farming. Plus, they also give priority to local sources.
I could actually think of a couple more reasons but the bottom line is that you have to try it out for yourself.
All the seafood dishes are made fresh and are always in small batches ensuring that you get what you deserve.
They also put a premium on flatbreads and pasta. Freshly baked and cooked, you won't go wrong with any.
 A carving section won't be complete without a belly roll. The meat is flavorful and the skin is very crunchy.
Lastly, don't ever skip dessert. The chocolate from this immaculate cake is worth the 8 minutes of waiting. Partnered with some vanilla ice cream, it's deadly good.
This just proves that the dessert area could also be interactive. Almost everything is done on the spot and this provides a great experience to patrons and guests.
If you want a kick, you might want to visit the CELLAR at the other side of the floor. It's a bar that could create something just for you.

THE GRAND KITCHEN is on the second floor of the GRAND HYATT MANILA. This hotel is located on 8th Avenue Corner 35th St., Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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  1. I hope my comment earlier got in. But anyway, yes, that seafood part is somthing that i would dig in!

  2. Hey Steve, Unfortunately, I did't see it get in. Anyway yeah, everything is prepared ala minute so yeah, it's pretty cool to head on over to the grand hyatt :)