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Friday, March 16, 2018

I have been hearing about the POKE BOWLS from HOLIDAY INN MAKATI since it started last year. Every single time my friends and I would meet, they would mention this amazing meal as if it was something to look forward to. Just a few days back, I was finally able to try it out.
Rather than going for it all at once, different dishes were placed to start the long lunch. Appetizers like this dip and nachos were paraded on the table. Each with their munching characteristics, it's so easy to over indulge.
Greens like the Ceasar Salad are also there. But if you know me, I believe that it's best to let the others enjoy it.
Their SANDWICHES though are pretty packed. Just like this one. It's filled with layers of ham and even cheese. If you're a bit on the healthy side, you might want to go for their salmon wrap. Don't worry, it's also as bad ass as this sandwich.
For the main event, HOLIDAY INN presents it's POKE BOWLS. Pegged at Php 360 nett, these bowls can be compared to others in the city. They're huge and is actually best for sharing.
There are 3 different bowls to choose from. The first two are your plain salmon or tuna bowls. It basically boils down to your personal preference.
The favorite though would have to be the SPICY TUNA BOWL. It's like a mix of hot but fresh flavors. Take note though, you could go for brown or white rice and even you get to pick the sauces. For the spicy tuna, I would suggest going for the Spicy Chili sauce. For the Salmon, the sriracha mayo would work.
If in case you are looking for some more dishes, they got a couple more that might be worth your while.
Having the beef kebab would be for you if you're into something more meaty. It's best eaten with the baked potato but having rice on the side doesn't hurt. The Pan Fried Coated fish though is the bomb! Served with grilled vegetables and rice, it's definitely a secret waiting to be unleashed.
HOLIDAY INN MAKATI is a hotel that is located along Palm Drive in Makati. It is connected to the Glorietta mall, giving it access to a lot of restaurants, stores, and shops. The Poke Bowls are available for the whole month of March and is only priced at 360Php Nett. You can't get a better deal than that.

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