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Monday, March 5, 2018

I know that carbs like rice or noodles is a bad thing to take on when it's late at night but sometimes you got to live on the edge. It's something that you might need just because you're feeling tipsy and has had a glass or two of your favorite liquor. If all else fails, there's this one thing that could get your stomach going. It's CITY OF DREAMS MANILA'S JING TING.
Located on the second floor and just a stone throw away from Chaos and Pangaea, JING TING is the place to be at late at night. They create fresh noodle and dimsum dishes among others. They focus all their energy to make you happy and enjoy the night away. In our case, it helped all our appetite to cope with the late night drinks.

If dumplings are your thing, they have a number to choose from. You could go for their deep fried versions or steamed. Either way you're in for a treat. Some might say that they might seem a bit bland but the presence of the dipping sauce makes them flavorful to the max.
Noodles are a specialty when in JING TING. You could opt for something soupy, dry or even stir fried. It's something that you could definitely have a fun time choosing between.
The beef noodles are quite a specialty. It's something that could soothe your feelings after a long night.
My personal favorite though would be their stir fried noodles. This right here had the right blend of oil and spices. It wasn't overly greasy. On the contrary, it was perfect. This alongside the appetizer COLD SHREDDED RICE ROLL with Sesame Sauce works.
Now JING TING also offers some main dishes other than just noodles and dimsum. They have deep fried dishes such as this sweet and sour pork belly. The breading was crunchy but the meat inside was moist and tender. It was perfect with rice.
For dessert, they have a lot to choose from as well. One thing that I enjoyed was the custard bun. The filling was liquidy and oozes out with each bite.
You know what's perfect? When you get to eat amazing dishes with good friends. It's something that I truly enjoy. JING TING is open from 11am to 4am daily. It's perfect for late night engagement. Cheers!

Upper Ground Floor
City of Dreams Manila
Pasay City, Metro Manila

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Written by Lovely

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